Nina de Callias

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Nina de Callias, 1873, by Édouard Manet

Anne-Marie Gaillard (12 July 1843 - 22 July 1884, in a clinic at Vanves), known as Nina de Villard de Callias, Nina de Callias or Nina de Villard, was a French writer and poet.

The daughter of a rich Lyon lawyer, after her marriage to Hector de Callias (comte de Callias, a writer and journalist on Le Figaro) hosted one of the most prominent literary and artistic Salons of Paris. She was a lover of Charles Cros and the inspiration for his Coffret de santal. She is also the Dame aux éventails by Édouard Manet. She contributed two poems to Le Parnasse contemporain (2nd volume) : La Jalousie du jeune Dieu and Tristan & Iseult. The Franco-Prussian War forced her to flee with her mother to Geneva, where she stayed three years before returning to re-assume the dissolved artistic circles there.


  • La Duchesse Diane, 1882
  • Feuillets parisiens, 1885 (Gallica)

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