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Ninefold Pty Ltd
(dba Ninefold)
Type Private company
Industry Internet Hosting Service
Founded 2011
Headquarters Level 20, 2 Market St
Sydney, NSW  2000
Key people Peter James, Chairman

Ninefold is a cloud computing company which provides infrastructure as a service (IaaS) and a Ruby on Rails platform as a service (PaaS). Ninefold is based in Sydney, Australia and is backed by Macquarie Telecom (ASXMAQ), an ASX-listed Australian B2B telecommunications company.[1]

History and growth[edit]


Ninefold was founded by Macquarie Telecom in 2011 to meet a growing demand for cloud computing in Australia. The company originally only provided virtual servers and in September 2013 introduced a Ruby on Rails PaaS platform.[2]

US Expansion[edit]

The company announced plans to expands its infrastructure into the US in November 2012,[3] and made access to the US infrastructure available to the public in June 2013.[4] Ninefold has infrastructure in both the United States and Australia.

Rails Support[edit]

In September 2013 Ninefold launched a Ruby on Rails cloud platform and indicated plans to build more new infrastructure in Europe by July 2014.[5]


Ninefold’s services include virtual servers and a Ruby on Rails application deployment and hosting platform.

Virtual Servers[edit]

Ninefold’s customers can provision virtual servers, via an online portal, allowing them to build flexible virtual online infrastructure in minutes. The infrastructure can be scale up and down as required. Ninefold provides a choice 6 operating systems; Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, CentOS, Ubuntu. RedHat and Debian.[6]

Ruby on Rails PaaS[edit]

Ninefold’s Ruby on Rails platforms allows customers to deploy and host applications using a wizard. The platform pulls code from GitHub and deploys it on the Ninefold infrastructure using either a tiered or combined server architecture. The platform supports Ruby on Rails up to version 4.0 and Postgres.


In 2011, it launched The Ninefold Cloud Booster Program, offering approved startups enough monthly credit to use all Ninefold cloud services for free for up to a year.[7]



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