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Lego Ninjago:
Masters of Spinjitzu
Lego Ninjago - Masters of Spinjitzu logo.svg
Genre Animation, Action, Comedy, Fantasy, Martial arts
Written by The Hageman Brothers
Directed by Michael Hegner
Justin Murphy
Voices of Jillian Michaels
Vincent Tong
Michael Adamthwaite
Paul Dobson
Brent Miller
Kirby Morrow
Kelly Metzger
Mark Oliver
Brian Drummond
Michael Kopsa
Ian James Corlett
Kathleen Barr
Scott McNeil
Theme music composer The Fold
Composer(s) Jay Vincent
Country of origin US/UK/CAN
Original language(s) English
No. of seasons 3
No. of episodes 34 (List of episodes)
Producer(s) Erik Wilstrup & WILFilm
Running time 22-3 minutes
Distributor Cartoon Network
Original channel Cartoon Network (US and UK)
Original run January 14, 2011 (2011-01-14) – present[1]

Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu is an action comedy family animated TV series that centers on the adventures of four ninjas. The series is based on the Lego toy series of the same name. Two pilot episodes were shown on Cartoon Network on January 14, 2011, sometimes split into four episodes. A video-game called Lego Battles: Ninjago was based on the show. Due to the popularity of the pilot episodes, the first season was launched from December 2011 – April 2012 alongside a new line of sets marketed as "Rise of the Snakes". In the later half of 2012, a second season began transmission, with a month-long gap between episodes six and seven. It was announced that the show will air in the UK on Cartoon Network UK from July 2014. The pilot episodes were released on DVD in March 2011, and the first season became available on DVD in Region 1 on June 26, 2012.[2] The series as a whole has an estimated budget of 37,000,000 krone[3] (£4,600,000 or $6,710,801).


The show is set in the fictional world of Ninjago, a place inspired by Chinese and Japanese myths and culture. It appears in the series as a large sprawling land most like the island chain of Japan, with different areas being home to various animals and plants, including Dragons and mystical snakes (like the Great Devourer). It has an underworld, where beings of evil like Lord Garmadon and the Skeleton Army dwell, together with sacred places where many things are hidden or forgotten (like the Serpentine tombs or the Golden Weapons). Similar to Lego's past product line Bionicle, the main characters are in tune with certain elemental properties (the elements in this case being Fire, Ice, Lightning and Earth.) Also, the world seems to have a more modern setting than previous 'Ninja' series, as shown by the appearance of large skyscraper cities, various vehicles, video games and exo-suits. In the 2014 season, the Ninjago City is turned into New Ninjago City and it is a home of great technological advencements. The Overlord is back though. He is in a digital prison and the only thing that can stop him are the techno-blades.

Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu[edit]

Pivotal objects in the storyline. Forged at the Golden Peaks and imbued with their powers at the Temple of Light by the First Spinjitzu Master, The Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu were the instruments that created Ninjago and hold the four basic elemental powers. Their power can be used to create and destroy, and also has to potential of remaking Ninjago in the right hands. It is also said that no one can wield all the weapons at once; Samukai was instantly vaporized while creating a portal through space and time when he attempted this. Garmadon set out to possess them and Wu hid them for many years until guiding the Ninja to them, however Garmadon entered the slipstream space left behind by Samukai and is now capable of manipulating all four weapons. The Ninja then became their masters, unlocking the weapons' ability to transform into elemental vehicles. When the identity of the Green Ninja, Lloyd Garmadon, is revealed, the weapons formed a green halo around him. After the Great Devourer is released, the Ninja allowed Garmadon to use the weapons, since he had made himself the only being strong enough to wield all their power at once, who then uses it to destroy the Devourer. However, once he achieves this goal, Garmadon makes off with the weapons and forges them at the Golden Peaks into the Mega Weapon. However, the Mega Weapon was eventually destroyed by the very weapons that created it in episode 19, "Wrong Place, Wrong Time". With no current evidence to the contrary, the Golden Weapons are likely lost forever, although its destruction formed a bright star in the sky, and their powers still live on within Lloyd Garmadon.

  • Sword of Fire — Kai's weapon that can blast out fire and control lava. It was found at the Fire Temple and can turn into the Blade Cycle.
  • Nunchucks of Lightning — Jay's weapon that emits electricity to power up things or shock anyone. It was found at the Floating Ruins and can turn into the Storm Fighter.
  • Shurikens of Ice — Zane's weapon that when thrown and hits something, it freezes its surroundings and it is found at the Frozen Wasteland. It can turn into the Ice Speeder.
  • Scythe of Quakes — Cole's weapon that creates earthquakes and fissures when it hits the ground. It is found at the Caves of Despair and can turn into the Tread Assault.
  • Mega Weapon — An ornate staff used by Lord Garmadon that is forged from the four Golden Weapons. Because it holds the power of all four weapons, only Garmadon, who traversed through a portal of space and time to gain power, can use it; anyone created by the weapon would be instantly vaporized. It only has the power to create, not to destroy, much to his chagrin. In addition, the Mega Weapon can only be used once per day due to its massive energy demands. The Mega Weapon was eventually destroyed when Garmadon attempted to go into the past; the Ninja used the Four Golden Weapons of the past to destroy it and the weapons themselves, launching the Mega Weapon into space where it explodes and transforms into a star. In 2014, the nindroids get the golden weapons back ( they are shown as a blob of gold) and the nindroids use them to make armour for the Overlord. Zane saves the city by destroying the Overlord but explodes for he touched all four weapons at the same time.



Ninjago was created by the First Spinjitzu Master, an enigmatic figure whose origins are never revealed. He created the land using the four weapons of Spinjitzu, forged at a place known as the Temple of Light: the Nunchucks of Lightning, the Sword of Fire, the Shurikens of Ice and the Scythe of Quakes. The power of the weapons arises from the Golden Peaks. But opposing him was the Overlord, the first and most powerful entity of Darkness born of the Shadow that needed to de-maintain the world's Balance in his favor of Evil to exist. Their war went on until the Overlord created the Stone Army to defeat the Spinjitzu Master and make sure that Good would fail. Knowing he might lose, the Master split Ninjago in two, restoring the Balance and trapping the Overlord from the normal world. With Ninjago at peace, the Spinjitzu Master had two sons, Wu and Garmadon, whom he trained in Spinjitzu and loved dearly. During his youth, Garmadon was bitten by the legendary Great Devourer, a Serpentine God of Snakes (long trapped in tombs) who was filled with evil (probably due to the Overlord's power). The snake's venom consumed nearly all of Garmadon's morals and goodness. When the First Spinjitzu Master died, Wu and Garmadon were instructed to protect the four weapons. But Garmadon, infected by the Serpent's toxic poison, tried to take the four weapons himself. There was a battle between the brothers and Garmadon was banished to the Underworld where he turned into a being of badness: not alive, not dead. Knowing his brother would find a way to escape from his imprisonment and make his wicked dreams into reality, Sensei Wu hid the Four Weapons across Ninjago and placed Elemental Dragons there to guard them. At some point, presumably in the time before the series opens, a prophecy came to light saying that a figure called the Green Ninja would rise above all other fighters and defeat who was thought to be Garmadon but actually the Overlord, returning balance to Ninjago.

Pilot Episodes[edit]

The pilot episodes feature an aging Sensei Wu struggling to train four young Ninja in the ways of an ancient battle art called Spinjitzu (which manifests as a spinning movement faster than any normal fighting style) to defeat Lord Garmadon, now new ruler of the Underworld, and stop him from gaining The Four Golden Weapons, which would make his power limitless. Traveling across Ninjago, Sensei Wu and his four elementally-attuned students, Kai (Fire), Jay (Lightning), Zane (Ice) and Cole (Earth) recover the Golden Weapons, together with trying to find and rescue Kai's sister, Nya. Kai is tricked and runs off alone and finds the Sword of Fire, but is confronted by Garmadon in shadow-form. Kai rescues Nya and makes peace with the Dragon guardians, but, in order to keep the Sword of Fire from Garmadon, Wu sacrifices himself and travels to the Underworld. The four Ninja follow him down on their dragons, who are magical and can exist in both worlds. After defeating the Skeleton Army with the ultimate Spinjitzu move, the Tornado of Creation, they come upon Sensei fighting the general of the Skeleton Army, Samukai, who is in possession of three of the Golden Weapons (stolen from the Ninja earlier while they rested in the forests near the Fire Temple). Wu is defeated and Samukai tries to take the weapons for his own, but their combined power, too much for any normal being to control, destroys him and creates a portal into another realm between space and time, allowing Garmadon to escape, but one day return with enough power to wield the Four Golden Weapons. With Garmadon gone, the balance is temporarily restored, and the Ninja will prepare to train themselves for the day the Darkness returns once more.

Season 1[edit]

Rise of the Serpentine[edit]

Focuseing on the Ninja's trying to determine which one of them will be destined to become the Green Ninja, a warrior who is destined to face the Dark Lord for the fate of Ninjago. It also focuses on Garmadon's young son Lloyd Garmadon, who has released an ancient evil: an army of five snake tribes known in legends as the Serpentine. The four Ninja must stop them from uniting to unleash The Great Devourer, a massive black, green and purple snake with the power to consume all of Ninjago and a bite that can turn people evil, which is what made Lord Garmadon into what he is now. However, Lloyd was betrayed by three of the five tribes before Sensei Wu convinces him to join their side, taking pity on him because of having being left alone. Eventually, the Serpentine held Lloyd as a hostage, and Lord Garmadon, who returned with the help of Sensei Wu, had agreed to aid the Ninja in rescuing Lloyd and stopping the Serpentine, considering the fact that Garmadon himself wants to be the one to threaten Ninjago and wanting revenge on the beast responsible for his fall into evil. To this end, he even gets the Skeleton Army to help fight against the Serpentine, despite the fact he planned their former leader's death. However, despite the combined efforts of the Ninja, Garmadon, and the Skeletons, the Snake King Pythor, the last of the much-feared tribe known as the Anacondrai, manages to release the Great Devourer in a mad attempt to gain his revenge on the people of Ninjago, although he realized too late that The Great Devourer consumes even its own kind. He and Wu are eaten by the Devourer, leaving only the Ninja, Nya (who became a secret fighter known as Samurai X) and Lloyd (revealed to be the Green Ninja) to fight against the monster.

The Great Devourer[edit]

Eventually, Lord Garmadon comes to the rescue and destroys the creature by using the combined might of the Four Golden Weapons given by the Ninja. After the Serpent's destruction, Wu is found to have survived and Garmadon vanishes with the weapons. Despite losing the weapons, the Ninja prepare to train Lloyd so that he can face his father one day for the sake of Ninjago, something which he was afraid to for the sake of their bond.

Season 2[edit]

Darkness Shall Rise[edit]

The first half of the series charts the Ninja's efforts to train Lloyd and Garmadon's efforts to thwart it. To do this, he recreates the Destiny's Bounty (a flying and sailing ship that used to be the Ninja's home in Season 1 before being destroyed by the Devourer), unites the Serpentine under his control, and merges the four Golden Weapons into the powerful Mega Weapon, but he soon discovers from experience that the weapon cannot destroy, but only create, much to his chagrin. He tries a number of schemes, with one being to create dark doubles of the Ninja. Lord Garmadon tries more attacks, but each time he fails and strengthens Lloyd in the process, with one scheme leading to Lloyd being aged. Garmadon then tries traveling back in time to make sure the pony team are never formed, thus ensuring Lloyd would never fulfill his destiny. He almost succeeds, but the Ninja from the present, who follow him through, manage to destroy the Mega Weapon with the Golden Weapons from the past, changing everything back to the way it was, with the exception that no-one but the Ninja and Garmadon remembers that the Mega Weapon existed.

The Stone Army[edit]

Prophecy of The Samurai Stone Warriors[edit]

The Ninja find Lloyd's mother, Misako. At first, Lloyd is bitter because she abandoned him, but they reconcile when she explains that she went on a journey to prevent the final battle. Meanwhile, Lord Garmadon is betrayed by the Serpentine for his repeated failures to destroy the Ninja, and is eventually washed up on the Island of Darkness, where the Overlord forges an alliance with him. Meanwhile, the Serpentine prepare to destroy Ninjago City, but instead find and release the Stone Army, warriors made of indestructible stone by the Overlord to turn the tide of the Balance into his favor, with the Serpentine being trapped in the Army's vault. The Stone Army then proceeds to wreak havoc on the city, where the Ninja, Wu and Misako help with the evacuation of Ninjago City, but one of the Bounty's engines are shot in the process.

The Ultimate Final Battle[edit]

Meanwhile, Garmadon takes command of the Stone Army, and starts up the Celestial Clock by donning the Helmet of Shadows located on the Clock, and it begins counting down to the final battle. In the meantime, the Overlord commands the Stone Army to create a monster. The creature defeats Lloyd, injuring his leg and destroying the Bounty in the process. The Overlord and the Stone Army then leaves through a portal with the Garmatron, leaving the Ninja, Lloyd, Sensei Wu and Misako trapped on the Dark Island. Although seemingly doomed, Lloyd notes from the destroyed ship that "Destiny wanted us [the Ninja] to fight another day". The group returns to the Temple of Light where they find the Golden Mech that the First Spinjitzu Master used in his original battle, and together with the Ultra Dragon they return to Ninjago City, now corrupted with the Overlord's Shadow. Everyone, including Dareth (who survived the original invasion), fight the Overlord and his servants, but only Lloyd is able to reach the top of the skyscraper that the Overlord, now in the his true monstrous form of a beastly purple dragon, roosts on. Lloyd transforms into the Golden Ninja (the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master) summons the Golden Dragon and engages against the Dragon Overlord, but when the Overlord seems to gain the upper hand by consuming Lloyd in Darkness, he summons his Inner Light and blots out the Overlord's Shadow, dispersing him once and for all and returning Ninjago to the way it was, with everyone who had been infected (including Nya, Cole, Jay, and Zane) recovering. As Lloyd thinks his father is dead, Garmadon emerges alive finally purified of the Overlord's Evil and the Devourer's venom. The Ninjas promise that, despite the Overlord's final defeat, they will continue to guard Ninjago from any threat.

Season 3[edit]


Rise of the Nindroids[edit]

The Ninja get new weapons: Elemental techno blades, new suits and new vehicles alongside their new Sensei former villain turned good guy Garmadon, as well some brand new enemies, the evil Nindroids who are created by the Digital Overlord and serve as his minions. Cyrus Borg mentions that Zane's father is now deceased. A new robot called P.I.X.A.L. scans Zane's blueprints to make Nindroids. The Overlord possesses Sensei Wu turning him into Evil Wu. Lloyd and Garmadon head into the wild to get as far away from the Overlord and his allies as possible. The group shut down the Nindroids and all of Ninjago, deactivating P.I.X.A.L. in the process. Pythor, who survived the Great Devourer (and disguised as a hooded scientist) steals the Digital Overlord Hardrive and brings him back life using Electro Cobrai. Meanwhile at Ed and Edna's junkyard, Nya and Zane try to restore P.I.X.A.L. by giving Zane half power to her. Then Evil Wu finds the Ninja and reactivates General Cryptor and Mini-Droid. Then the Ninja get beat up by the Nindroids and by Evil Wu. Later after the Fight, Pythor and the Digital Overlord finally find Sensei Garmadon and Lloyd's current location. When the Ninja discover the Serpentine are still alive, they explain there was some prophecy of the Curse of the Golden Master. Evil Wu, riding the Mechdragon, traps Lloyd and Garmadon, and Pythor steals Lloyd's power, then reveals himself, now bleached white with a hoarse voice. The Ninja eventually succeed in rebooting Ninjago's systems by Defeating the Digital Overlord, and all robots are green again.

The Legend of the Golden Master[edit]

The Borg's Tower light is still red, and head back to the Temple of Light, which they got their elamantel powers back. via visiting the digital world themselves, in time for the Overlord to fail in absorbing Lloyd's golden power, which leads Lloyd to dividing that power to the ninja again. In turn, the evil spirit is lead toward the space-bound Golden Weapons to complete his transformation, which ultimately succeeds and changes him into the prophesized evil Golden Master. A final battle is waged in New Ninjago City between the Overlord and the Ninja until Zane sacrifices himself to destroy the weapons and their master. In the end, a funeral is held in his honor while a devastated P.I.X.A.L. discovers with joy that Zane survived within Borg Tower's systems.


The Ninja[edit]

  • Lloyd Garmadon / Green Ninja / Golden Ninja (voiced by Jillian Michaels): Lloyd Montgomery Garmadon is the Green Ninja of Creation and the main protagonist of the series. He was discovered as the Green Ninja when Kai found his true potential and saved him from an active volcano. In the show, he seems to look up to Kai the most, especially after he was rescued, and is forever grateful. But not only that he is also the son of Lord Garmadon and Misako, as well being the nephew of Sensei Wu, and he is the paternal grandson of The First Spinjitzu Master and rider of the Ultra Dragon. Upon learning that he is the Green Ninja, the other Ninjas realize that they were intended to protect and train Lloyd for the future. In the second season, he learns Spinjitzu tackling the Pirates, makes peace with the boys at his old school, learns how to properly utilize his elemental powers, and is aged into his teen years, all bringing him closer to his destiny. When he meets his mother at the Museum of History, he is initially embittered that she abandoned him, but they make their peace and work together to defeat the Stone Warrior. Eventually, he too reaches his own potential and becomes a Creation Elemental, somehow he manages to defeat the Overlord, fulfilling his destiny. In the end of season 2, Lloyd became the Golden Ninja. He later on stops because the Overlord is trying to get his golden power in order for him to come back so Lloyd turns back into the Green Ninja.
  • Kai / Red Ninja (voiced by Vincent Tong): Kai is the Red Ninja of Fire. He has brown, spiky hair that seems to be natural. He is Nya's brother, and rider of the Fire Dragon Flame. He fought like a samurai before Sensei Wu found him, and when Samukai kidnapped Nya, he took it upon himself to become a Ninja to save her. Being impatient and aggressive, he was last to unlock his true potential, being held back by his ambition to become the Green Ninja. Kai is not the most logical of the four but is charming and flirtatious. He was first to discover the identity of the legendary Green Ninja (triggering his elemental powers), Lloyd. He was also the last Ninja found by Sensei Wu. When using his true potential, he becomes a transparent fiery red, is the most powerful but also the most dangerous. His powers are the ability to make a beam of fire shoot in any direction, burning anything in sight, and fly around like a scorching meteor when his true potential is unleashed. He has been described many, many times as reckless, stubborn, fearless, and brave. He has almost thrown his life away to save his younger sister, Nya and the rest of the team. Unlike the other ninja, Kai's parents were never mentioned. Kai and Nya's father was mentioned once in the movie, "Way of the Ninja" as Sensei Wu's good friend. The Fire Ninja's father is claimed to be deceased, but his mother's life was never talked about.
  • Jay Walker / Blue Ninja (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite): Jay Walker is the Blue Ninja of Lightning. He was born and raised in a junkyard by his parents Edward and Edna Walker. He's the rider of the Lightning Dragon Wisp. He has a huge crush on Nya (Kai's younger sister), and was second to unlock his true potential after Nya revealed her feelings for him and kissed him. He is an inventor, and has created many different things such as a blanket that can keep you cold on warm nights, a spinjitzu powered slingshot, and mechanical wings. He is also the funniest and most light hearted of the ninja as he is always cracking jokes and doesn't take many things seriously, (but in matters concerning Nya, he and Kai are equally serious and driven). Even though he acts foolish most of the time, he has shown to be highly intelligent. When using his true power, he can create 1.21 gigawatts, and becomes a being of pure lightning (becoming transparent and glowing an electric blue), giving him extra strength, together with the abilities to teleport, levitate, and use wind. In "Art of the Silent Fist", he walks in on Cole and Nya holding hands, but due to his clueless nature, he was unaware of anything going on.
  • Zane Julien / White Ninja / Titanium Ninja (voiced by Brent Miller): Zane is the White Ninja of Ice. He is the smartest of the five NinjaGo Ninjas, and rider of the Ice Dragon Shard. He is a ninja-type android called a Nindroid, built to protect those who cannot protect themselves. When his father Dr. Julien was captured by the Skeleton Army, his memory was wiped and he appeared to have the memory that his father died. Zane is very calm and quiet and takes things a little too seriously to the point of having little to no humor, unless he turns on his "funny switch". He was the first to unlock his true potential. When he uses his true power, he becomes like a statue of ice. His seen powers include freezing his immediate surroundings, moving faster than normal when performing Spinjitzu and unleashing streams of ice, which he uses to freeze the Treehorn Queen after they are attacked by her clan. He has become the friend and owner of a robotic falcon also created by his father as a companion. The falcon led the Ninja to the Bounty, to Lloyd's forest base, and to Zane's "birthplace", making it an important ally on their travels. In season 3, Zane meets another robot named P.I.X.A.L. She scans him and makes the evil nindroid army based on Zane's blueprints.
  • Cole Hence / Black Ninja (voiced by Kirby Morrow): Cole is the Black Ninja of Earth. He is leader of the ninja, and rider of the Earth Dragon Rocky. Cole is strong, solid, disciplined, responsible, and a good planner. Cole's favorite color is actually orange. When Cole was a child his friends jokingly called him Cole Bucket. He has shown this strength on several occasions, such as in "Day of the Great Devourer" when he picked up and threw a truck. Though enrolled at the Marty Oppenheimer School of Performing Arts to become a dancer by his father, he was hopeless and ran away from the school after two days, lying to him in his letters, afraid that his father would be crushed by the truth, as in fact he was. He was afraid of dragons until he rode the Earth Dragon, bonding with it and naming it 'Rocky' currently he is now afraid of snakes. He is the only dancer to succeed in performing the 'triple tiger sashay' move since its creation. His relationship with his father is what kept him back, and he was third to unlock his true potential. When he uses his true power, he becomes an Earth Elemental, turning a transparent brown color, giving him super strength and becoming nearly invincible to physical harm, as seen when he was able to unearth himself and his father from a pile of debris that had collapsed on them during a Serpentine attack. His special golden weapon is the Scythe of Quakes, which makes earthquakes and many more abilities. In the "Art of the Silent Fist", he holds hands with Nya.
  • Nya / Samarai X (voiced by Kelly Metzger): Nya is Kai's younger sister and she is also known as the mysterious Samurai X in the second season. Treated as someone not equal to them by the Ninja and Sensei Wu, she took on the persona of the Samurai to show what she could do and beat them at their own game, using her exo-suit, various gadgets, and a shrinkable samurai suit. Her identity as the Samurai was first discovered by Kai, but upon being amazed by her skills, Kai agrees to keep it a secret. Jay has a crush on her, which she seems to know though she can get frustrated by his constant attempts to impress her. When the Serpentine sent her on a roller-coaster to her doom, she finally confesses to Jay about being the Samurai and kisses him, unlocking his true potential and allowing him to stop the ride. Following her revealing of her Samurai persona, the other Ninja start to develop a respect for her. She also helps the Ninja take care of the Ultra Dragon and repairs the Ultra Sonic Raider. In the final two episodes, Nya is tainted by the Overlord's darkness and becomes an enemy, until Lloyd's victory, which purges her of the evil and returns her to her normal, goodhearted self. In the third season, Nya tests a machine which claims that Cole is her perfect match, which causes her to develop small feelings for him, despite the fact that Nya is in a relationship and in love with Jay.
  • Sensei Wu (voiced by Paul Dobson): Wu is the current living master of Spinjitzu, and the mentor of the five ninjas. He is also Garmadon's younger brother, as well as Lloyd's paternal uncle and The First Spinjitzu Master's second born son. Following the battle that led to Garmadon's banishment during their adult years, Wu hid the Golden Weapons and put Dragons as their guardians, knowing that Garmadon would return. He also saved the last Sacred Flute, a weapon used to combat the Serpentine, from destruction. He loves drinking tea, has a larger wisdom than Zane, and good at hand-to hand-combat, though he also has a sense of humor. He also holds some respect to Garmadon, despite being enemies with each other. He seems to have romantic feelings for Lloyd's mother Misako, despite her choosing Garmadon when they all lived together. In the end of Season 2, following the first defeat of the Overlord, Garmadon is back to his good self, and Wu is relieved to have him back. However, in Season 3, the Overlord has survived and has kidnapped Wu, making him suffer the same fate that once Garmadon had by turning Wu evil. When the Digital Overlord is erased, Wu turns back to his normal self.
  • Lord/Sensei Garmadon (voiced by Mark Oliver): Garmadon was presumed to be the Dark Lord of the prophecy that is to be faced by a legendary warrior called the Green Ninja for the fate of Ninjago, though it later turns out that he is nothing more than a pawn to the Overlord, the true Dark Lord. He was originally the loving older brother of Sensei Wu, until he was bitten by an infant Great Devourer and turned evil. Even after that point, the transformation was a slow one and he became Misako's husband and Lloyd's father, but finally he succumbed and tried to steal the weapons, though he is banished to the Underworld. In the first season, he escapes into a space-time rip created by the Golden Weapons where he gains the power to be able to wield the weapons and an extra set of arms. Throughout the second season, he returns to Ninjago with the help of Wu after learning his son is in danger and forms a temporary truce with the ninja. However, he soon discovers that Lloyd is the Green Ninja, a warrior destined to face Lord Garmadon, something that father and son do not want. In the end of the season, the ninja are forced to give Garmadon the Golden Weapons since it is their only last option in destroying the Great Devourer, which succeeds. In the third season, following the defeat of the Devourer, Garmadon escapes with the Weapons, breaks off his ties with the Skeletons, and recruits the Serpentine to help him. To prevent Lloyd fulfilling his destiny, Garmadon fuses the Golden Weapons into a staff of immense power, but all his schemes are foiled and he is eventually betrayed by the Serpentine where he is washed up on the Dark Island. There, he forges an alliance with the Overlord, gains control of the Stone Army, and prepares for the final battle between good and evil. In the penultimate episode, he is betrayed and possessed by the Overlord, who transforms his body into a dragon-like form. After the Overlord is defeated by Lloyd, Garmadon is purged of the evil within him, returning him to the loving brother, husband and father he was, but also loses his extra arms. He is last seen taking Misako and Lloyd to a private family reunion. Even during his time being evil, Garmadon genuinely loved Lloyd and Misako, and also held some respect for his brother Wu despite them being enemies, and now it's his turn to be the new sensei after taking a vow of peace as he teach all 5 ninjas (including his son) to take their powers to a whole new level, as they fight against the evil Nindroids. When Lloyd gets captured by Pythor and Tech Wu, He gets thrown overboard. But he survived and vowed to find his son again.
  • Misako (voiced by Kathleen Barr): Lloyd's mother and Garmadon's wife. Upon realization that her son is the Green Ninja, she left Lloyd at Darkley's Boarding School for Bad Boys to go on a journey, hoping to find out more about the prophecy and stop the battle between the Green Ninja and the Dark Lord, wanting to save them both. It is shown that Wu, Garmadon and Misako once lived together (perhaps with Wu and Garmadon's father) and that she was taught Spinjitzu, as seen in "The Day Ninjago Stood Still", but as Garmadon became evil, it led to a separation between Misako and Garmadon. Even Garmadon himself admits that he still loves Misako, as he knows that things didn't work out for them when his evil grew; he even admits that he would allow her to rule with him by his side. Eventually, Garmadon, completely cured from the Overlord's control and the Devourer's venom, reunites with Misako, and they, along with Lloyd, head off for a private family reunion.
  • The First Spinjitzu Master: The First Spinjitzu Master was the essential element of the series' backstory, though he is only ever seen in person once and never speaks. He is the one responsible for the creation of Spinjitzu, the Serpetine, the Four Golden Weapons, which led to the creation of the land in Ninjago, and the defeat of the Overlord. Before his death, he entrusted his two sons, Garmadon and Wu, to protect the Weapons. Unfortunately, unknown to him, Garmadon planned to take the Weapons for himself to recreate Ninjago in his own image after being bitten by the Snake Demon called the Great Devourer, whose venom had made Garmadon the Dark Lord. Lloyd becomes the Ultimate Spinjitzu Master, with the First Spinjitzu Master's true form guiding him.

Ninja's families and friends[edit]

  • Ed and Edna Walker (voiced by Colin Murdock and Jillian Michaels): Jay's father and mother, respectively. Both are inventors and live at a junkyard. At first, Jay was resisting them due to them repeatedly embarrassing him, until the Fangpyre attack, forcing Jay to come to their aid. Both speak with thick Midwestern accents.
  • Dareth Mojo / Brown Ninja (voiced by Alan Marriott): Dareth Mojo is a vain young man calling himself as "Grand Sensei", though he is nothing of the kind. He is the keeper of "Mojo Dojo", a small training building, and wishes to become "the Brown Ninja". By his own confession, he is hopeless at the martial arts where even all of his trophies are fake. He later tries to defend the city from the Stone Army, but he is no match for them. In the end however, he plays a pivotal role in the Ninja's victory, using the Helmet of Shadows to take control of the Stone Army and using them against the Overlord. In season 3, he takes charge of the students at Sensei Wu's academy while Nya and the Ninjas set out to defeat the Digital Overlord.
  • Dr. Julien / Tinkerer (voiced by Mark Oliver): An inventor who created Zane, and is, to all intents and purposes, his father. After he wiped Zane's memory and died, he was revived by Samukai through a special elixir and forced to create their advanced machines. Imprisoned on an island and guarded by a Leviathan, he was only freed when the Ninja drifted and ran aground. He helped repair their ship and escaped with them. He is seen in "Tick Tock" as a flashback and in person in "The Last Voyage". In his first appearance in "Tick Tock", he was credited as "Zane's father"; though in the credits to The Last Voyage, they listed him by the title of The Tinkerer. Julien provided support to the ninja during their final battles with the Overlord and his stone army, creating new vehicles for them and even flying the Bounty solo to save Lloyd from the Overlord. In season 3, he apparently passed away again, as Cyrus Borg offered Zane his condolences.
  • Lou Hence (voiced by Kirby Morrow): Cole's father and a member of the former singing group called the Royal Blacksmiths. Cole ran away from the family legacy of dance. Cole's reunion with his father and settling family problems awarded the ninja of earth with his true potential.

Dragons and Falcon[edit]

  • The Four Elemental Dragons: Four dragons assigned by a young Sensei Wu to guard the Golden Weapons. They were originally antagonistic to the Ninja, but when they realize the Ninja are not the enemy, they become their allies and eventually their willing steeds. During the first season, the four dragons begin to molt and leave on migration, and return merged into the Ultra Dragon.
    • Flame: Kai's Fire Dragon
    • Shard: Zane's Ice Dragon
    • Rocky: Cole's Earth Dragon
    • Wisp: Jay's Lightning Dragon
  • Ultra Dragon: A fusion of the four elemental dragons (Flame, Wisp, Shard, and Rocky) after migration, having "found their true potential". This steed was intended to be ridden by the Green Ninja, Lloyd Garmadon, but is still nonetheless loyal to their former owners.
  • Falcon: A robotic bird created by Dr. Julien to serve as Zane's companion and reconnaissance. The Ninja considers it a "good omen" as it led them to Destiny's Bounty and a secluded forest where Zane unlocked his true potential. Zane also has an ability called "Falcon Vision" to see the battlefield through the falcon's eyes. It is apparently destroyed by a Stone Warrior in "The Last Voyage", but is found and retrieved in the episode "Island of Darkness". In the following episode, Dr. Julien has restored it to working condition.
  • Golden Dragon: The First Spinjitzu Master's true form's spirit which aided Lloyd during the final battle.
  • Dark Dragon: The Overlord's true form. It was only seen in "Rise of the Spinjitzu Master".
  • Nindroid Mechdragon: The Nindroid's dragon.


  • The Overlord / The Golden Master (voiced by Scott McNeil) - The Overlord is the true main antagonist of the series, the true Dark Lord in the Green Ninja prophecy and the one who transformed into the Golden Master. He is the creator of the Stone Army and all evil in Ninjago. He battles the First Spinjitzu Master in the ancient war before being banished to the nasty half of Ninjago, called the Dark Island, trapped there for a long time until Lord Garmadon washed up on the island's shores and broke the seal. Despite first appearing in the second half of the second season, it can be implied that the Overlord is responsible for creating the Great Devourer with its evil ability, and the Great Devourer would turn Garmadon bad in turn, thus the Overlord might be the main cause for the series' events. Following his release, the Overlord guides Garmadon to the Celestial Clock, designed to count down to the final battle, and gives him command over the Stone Army (using a helmet which starts the clock). In the penultimate episode, the balance between Good and Evil was finally shifted, allowing the Overlord to take presence in Ninjago and betray Garmadon, something which Garmadon didn't plan on. It was then the Overlord admits to Garmadon that he was nothing more than a pawn to his plan of taking over Ninjago. Without hesitation, the Overlord possesses Garmadon, transforming him into a crocodile-like creature and heads toward Ninjago with the Stone Army to begin its reign of evil. In the final episode, with the balance falling into evil, the Overlord transforms into his ultimate and true form. Following the final battle, Lloyd uses his inner light to defeat and disperse the Overlord, restoring those infected by his evil, including Garmadon. However, Overlord was not destroyed, his disembodied consciousness inserting himself into New Ninjago City's computer system. Though the ninja learned of his survival and cut the power to hinder him so they could destroy him, the hard drive containing the Overlord is taken into the sewer system by Pythor who aids the evil being in capturing Lloyd to regain his corporeal body. When he is erased, the ninja think that he is destroyed. But he was freed at the same time when the system was rebooted leaving him in an incomplete body. To complete his golden master body, he and Pythor sent the nindrod to the comet arcturus to retrieve the golden weapon , the ninja fail to stop them and the overlord fully become the golden master. The golden master was believe to be destroyed by Zane when he sacrificed himself.
  • The Great Devourer: A giant snake worshiped as a god by the Serpentine, known to be very dangerous and deadly with the ability to increase its size by consuming anything in its path, including its own kind. The Great Devourer is the main cause of the events in the series as it was responsible for turning Garmadon evil through its venom, and it was the creature Pythor intended to release to exact revenge on the people of Ninjago. But the Great Devourer proved to be beyond anyone's control, swallowing Pythor and Sensei Wu alive, the former suffering side effects from exposure to the serpent's stomach acid, and running rampant on Ninjago with the Ninja unable to subdue it. However, in the end, the Ninja manage to lure the Devourer into a trap during its siege of Ninjago City, allowing Lord Garmadon to destroy the Great Devourer with the power of the Golden Weapons in revenge for the grief and madness it caused to him. Despite its death, the monster's venom still seeps into Ninjago City's sewage system, eventually reawakening the Stone Army. It might be implied that the Devourer may have turned evil due to the corruption of the Overlord, who is known to be the true source of darkness.


The Skeletons are living skeletons. They serve as primary villains of the series. They were once ruled by a creature called Samukai, banished there himself by Wu and Garmadon. After becoming their leader, Garmadon sent the Skeletons to Ninjago to find the Four Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu, to which they do so. The Skeleton army is defeated by the Ninja, though Samukai tries to use the Weapons himself. The power of the weapons destroys him, allowing Garmadon to escape his imprisonment and leaving the Skeletons leaderless. However, Garmadon rebands the Skeletons and leads them to rescue the Ninja and help them steal the Fang Blades from the Serpentines, as part of the temporary alliance Garmadon made with the ninja to stop the Serpentines's leader Pythor from unleashing the Great Devourer, the very same giant snake who turned Garmadon evil. The Skeletons are willing to help along with this because, as Kruncha comments 'Everybody hates snakes'.

  • Samukai (voiced by Michael Kopsa): The four-armed Skeleton Fire General of the Underworld. Formally a creature of the living world banished to the Underworld by the sons of the First Spinjitzu Master, he was the King of the Underworld until he was defeated by Lord Garmadon when he was banished to the Underworld, causing him to step down and allow Garmadon to become the new King and control the legions of the Underworld. Samukai leads the Skeleton Army in the Surface World of Ninjago, carrying out Garmadon's orders and seeking the Golden Weapons of Spinjitzu. Soon, Samukai possessed the four weapons and betrayed Garmadon, only to be vaporized by the power of the weapons combined. Samukai is the first character in Ninjago to have four arms as well as the first to hold all four Golden Weapons, the second being Lord Garmadon.
  • Kruncha and Nuckal (both voiced by Brian Drummond): Skeleton Generals of Earth and Lightning respectively, who serve Samukai. They led the raid on Kai and Nya’s shop, helped (and hindered through their clumsiness) Samukai and Lord Garmadon in their quests for the weapons and led the army against the Ninja. They were two of the few skeletons stranded in Ninjago during the Serpentine Crisis in the first season, teaching at the Darkly’s School for Bad Boys, though they later quit. They lead the Skeleton Army into battle with Garmadon against the Serpentine to rescue the Ninja, and are also seen celebrating after the destruction of the Great Devourer. In the second season, they are seen participating in the Ninjaball Run Race in the Skeleton Truck. They drag Lloyd on the Ultra Dragon down, but crash their own vehicle in the process.
  • Wyplash (voiced by Michael Dobson): Skeleton General of Ice. He is presumed to be the new King of the Underworld following Samukai's demise and Garmadon's disappearance.
  • Krazi (voiced by Trevor Devall) - The crazy Skeleton of Lightning. He is the most violent skuling.
  • Chopov (voiced by Trevor Devall): Skeleton of Earth. He is said to be the creator of the skulkin vehicles, but Dr. Julien was the one who was forced to build them. Dr. Julien refused so the skulkin trapped him with a chained Leviathon.


The Serpentine (pronounced 'Serpenteen'), serving as the primary villains for the first and second seasons, are sorted into the Hypnobrai Tribe, the Fangpyre Tribe, the Constrictai Tribe, and the Venomari Tribe. Originally, the Serpentine were a being race created by the first Spinjitzu master and had a prophecy that told that the Curse of the Golden Master who would destroy everything in the end of days. Their attempts to warn the humans results them locked underground for many years inside tombs, an act that drove the Anacondrai tribe to near extinction via cannibalism with it surviving member Pythor claiming that should have been the rulers of the surface of the Earth instead of humans. The tribes were first all against each other until they united under the Pythor as the Snake King. Every tribe has a general and every general has a tail, while the lower members have legs. Generals also wield a staff in the shape of a snake and a glowing pearl like object in a color representing the tribe. The object, stamped with the tribal symbol, holds anti-venom for the powers of the Serpentine. If any member of a tribe dares combat their general to become the next general, if the member succeeds, they earn a tail and the pattern of the General on their body, while the original general gets legs and a lower pattern. As of the second season following Pythor's supposed and the Devourer's defeat, Lord Garmadon now leads the Serpentine as their new leader, but they later oust him out in favor for the Hypnobrai General Skales due to Garmadon's failures of destroying the Ninja. According to a written prophecy on the Stone Army's tomb, the Serpentine would unlock them, but after doing so and fall under defeat, the Serpentine are imprisoned in the tomb. Though the Serpentine some how managed to escape, they made an oath not to return to the surface and make a new life for themselves as they believe that the foretelling of the Golden Master will come true through Lloyd.

  • Pythor P. Chumsworth (voiced by Michael Dobson): The general and last remaining member of the Anacondrai, a purple-colored race with elongated necks that were most feared and the strongest of the Serpentine tribes due to their ability to turn invisible and swallow people larger than themselves. While his tribe were sealed away, the Anacondrai Tribe had no food source and ultimately fell to starvation and cannibalism with Pythor the sole survivor. Upon being released, Pythor pretended to be Lloyd's ally to steal the map to the Serpentine tombs to release the Constrictai and the Venomari Tribes. Soon after finding the lost city of Ouroborus, through deceit and an alliance with Skales, Pythor becomes the first Snake King of all Serpentine. It becomes clear soon that Pythor had been driven insane by his imprisonment and his hatred of the surface dwellers, using the allegiance of the tribes to unleash the Great Devourer to exact revenge on people of Ninjago for locking up the Serpentine underground. As the series progressed, Pythor has finally managed to collect all four Silver Fang Blades, despite the oppression from the Ninja, Lord Garmadon, and the Skeleton Army, realizing too late that the Great Devourer would consume everything in its path, including himself alongside Sensei Wu. In Season 3, Pythor is revealed to had survive his ordeal within the Great Devourer's stomach with his scales bleached white as he went into hiding. Still adamant on revenge against the humans, Pythor aids the Overlord by converting Sensei Wu into Tech Wu and then tricking the ninja in giving him a beacon leading him to Lloyd.
  • Hypnobrai Tribe - The Hypnobrai Tribe are a tribe of cobra-type Serpentines that specialize in mind-control. They were locked in a frozen tomb in a tundra. All of them have red eyes they use to hypnotize victims (which explains that their name is a pun on "Hypnotize"). The symbol of the staff and the Hypnobrai has a hypnotizing shape like a swirl. Their color is blue and are the Serpentines of Ice. Among its members are:
    • Skales (voiced by Ian James Corlett): The current general of the Hypnobrai tribe, usurping Slithraa though his mastery of 'Fang-Quan-do'. He serves as a main antagonist in the first season as Pythor's second in command in return of faking his defeat by the Anacondrai general. After the Devourer's defeat, in the second season, Skales attempts to claim leadership even when he stated that he warned them that waking the Great Devourer wasn't a good idea. Lord Garmadon arrives to challenge Skales and wins the Serpentine over with the recreated Destiny's Bounty as their new home. Eventually fed-up with Garmadon's repeated failures, he and the others ousts Garmadon and claims leadership. As the Snake King, his first order was to dig under Ninjago City and imprison them underground just as they did to the Serpentine. While doing so, Skales discovers the Stone Army tomb and opens it, but the Devourer's venom seeps into the Stone Warriors and easily overpower the Serpentine, leaving them imprisoned once again, much to Skales' distress. However, the Serpentine survived, reshaping the former army's cavern into their new home. In the process, Skales married Selma, a pink female Hypnobrai, and the two had a son whom they named Skales Jr.
    • Selma (voiced by Jillian Michaels): Selma is a pink Hypnobrai. She is the mother of Skales Jr. and the wife of Skales. She lives in the tomb of the Stone Army. Selma was probably trapped in the tomb of the Stone Army. She married Skales and Skales Jr. was born. Selma protects Skales Jr. from danger. General Cryptor tripped Skales Jr. When the ninja captured Cryptor, Selma carried Skales Jr. to keep him safe.
    • Skales Jr. (voiced by Alyssya Swales): Skales's son by Selma,a female Hypnobrai, he is a legged Serpentine who wears blue human clothes. As part of the newest generation of Serpentine, he seems to lack the malevolence previously exhibited by his father. Like the other young Serpentine, he was raised to fear the coming of the "Golden Master", a being with the power of the First Spinjitzu Master who would subjugate the world.
    • Slithraa (voiced by John Novak): The previous general of the Hypnobrai, he accidentally hypnotized himself after he attacked Lloyd when the boy fell into their tomb. Eventually, he is defeated by Skales and is forced to hand over their tribe's leadership to him.
    • Mezmo (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite): He is a soldier of the Hypnobrai tribe. He is mostly seen eating rather than fighting, like eating cotton candy while the others chase Samurai X's Mech which stole the Hypnobrai Fangblade. The designs on him is like Slithraa's except white. And his head is less wide. His hand and arms are gray. He is also the judge of the Slither Pit, where he has absolute authority, even over his superiors.
    • Rattla (voiced by Paul Dobson): He is the scout of the Hypnobrai tribe. He is listed mistakenly as "Loyal Hypnobrai." He is seen once, talking with Skales in the second episode 'Home'. He has a blue head and the top of his head is a darkish white. The designs are like Mezmo's but blue. Those designs are also on the top of the head. And the designs are surrounded by a gray hypnobrai sign on both sides. His arms are a darkish white color and his hands are gray.
  • Fangpyre Tribe: The Fangpyre Tribe are a tribe of pit viper-type Serpentines with vampire traits. Anyone or anything that ends up bitten by a Fangpyre transforms into a Serpentine (depending on their element). When a vehicle or person is bitten by a Fangpyre, the victim develops snake-like traits. Strangely if a Fangpyre bites a vehicle, it transforms instantly. But if they bite a person, it takes a long time for them to transform (probably because the person's immune system fights the transformation). Their anti-venom, as with the other Serpentine Tribes, is located inside the staff of their tribe. If a Fangpyre bites another Fangpyre, the Fangpyre grows another head, resulting in the slightly comedic quirk that each head speaks halves or thirds of a sentence if it is long enough. The sign of the staff and the Fangpyre are fangs with a snake tongue sticking out. They are the Serpentine of Fire. Among its members are:
    • Fangtom (voiced by Mackenzie Gray): The two-headed General of the Fangpyre tribe and an old friend of Skales, his condition the result of accidentally biting himself. When Lord Garmadon buys the Serpentines' loyalty, Fangtom loses his standing with the Fangpyre.
    • Fangdam (voiced by John Novak: The two-headed warrior of the Fangpyre tribe. He is exactly alike to Fangtom but he doesn't have a tail.
    • Fang-Suei (voiced by Michael Adamthwaite): He is a soldier for the Fangprye tribe and was responsible for Fangdam's two-headed appearance. He has Fangdam's design but red instead of white. Most of his body is white instead of red. He wears a necklace with five fangs on it and has red arms and white hands.
    • Snappa (voiced by Paul Dobson): He is the scout of the Fangpyre tribe. He has a red head with black make-up on his face. On the top of his head is white. He has the same designs as Fang-Suei. He wears a necklace with two fangs on it. Snappa's arms and hands are white.
  • Constrictai Tribe: The Constrictai Tribe are a tribe of boa constrictor-type Serpentines. They can constrict anyone and can burrow underground at a fast speed. They're also the shortest and the dumbest of all Serpentine tribes, but they are second strongest after the Anacondrai. The sign of the staff and the Constrictai is orange and has three rings connectings to each other representing constricting. The anti-venom in the staff awakens those knocked out when being chocked. They were sealed within the Mountain of a Million Steps until released by Pythor. They are the Serpentines of Earth. Among its members are:
    • Skalidor (voiced by John Novak): The General of the Constrictai tribe, using his tail to constrict his victims instead of his hands. He has silver spikes on his head. He has yellow eyes. He is the shortest general but is a dim-witted brute. When Lord Garmadon buys the Serpentines' loyalty, Skalidor loses his standing with the Constrictai. He has an orange rock-like design on his body and a silver stone tied to the right of his chest. Most of his body is black and he has gray arms and black hands.
    • Bytar (voiced by Kirby Morrow): He is the strong (second to Skalidor) Constrictai warrior, seen with others doing Pythor's dirty jobs. Such as digging, to harming the ninja's. He has the same design as Skalidor but doesn't have a silver stone on his chest. He has orange spikes on his head and his left eye is shut all the time. His right eye is yellow. He has gray arms and black hands.
    • Chokun (voiced by Vincent Tong): He is the soldier of the Constrictai Tribe. He has the same head form as Fang-Suei. His head his gray and the top of it is silver. Most of his body is orange. He has two gray, cracked stones on his body with white line-like designs surrounding the stones. He has gray arms and blacks hands.
    • Snike (voiced by Brent Miller): He is the scout of the Constrictai tribe. He has a gray head and the top of it is orange with a gray design. He has two black, cracked stones with a smaller one under it. There is also a white line-like design reaching only halfway across the body. He has orange arms with black hands.
  • Venomari Tribe: The Venomari Tribe are a tribe of spitting cobra-type Serpentine that have odd tusks and multiple eyes. They are known to spit hallucination inducing venom. They were sealed in a tomb within poisonous swamps until Pythor released them. The symbol of the staff and the venomari is green with drops of venom coming out. They are the Serpentines of Lightning. Among its members are:
    • Acidicus (voiced by Paul Dobson): He is the General of the Venomari tribe, creator of the venom vials his tribe carries in case they run dry during combat. He has six white spikes on his head and two more on the sides of his mouth. It's known that Skalidor and Acidicus resemble Kruncha and Nuckal. It show when they have a fight, when Skalidor "accidentally" hit Acidicus with his staff. Most of his body is green. Acidicus has green arms with black hands. He has a wide, light green PAC-MAN design with small red triangle's on each side. Then has a black. When Lord Garmadon buys the Serpentines' loyalty, Acidicus loses his standing with the Venomari.
    • Lizaru (voiced by Vincent Tong): Lizaru is the warrior of the Venomari tribe. He has the same kind of head but the six spikes on his head is green. Most of his body is light green. He has two black scars on his body. Lizaru has two vine-like design and two red spots on the sides of his body. He has green arms and black hands.
    • Spitta (voiced by Kirby Morrow): He is the soldier of the Venomari Tribe. Spitta has no spikes on his head or on the sides of his mouth either. He has two black scars on his body and like Lizaru, he has two vine-like designs that hold red bags of venom. He has green arms and black hands. Spitta's fangs are so large and produce so much venom that it leaks, leaking venom is not an honorable trait even for a Venomari.
    • Lasha (voiced by Brent Miller): He is the scout of the Venomari tribe who is missing one eye probably lost in a fight. Since Lasha ate too much candy when he was little his fangs often hurt and is a little low on the average Venomari.


The Pirates were the original owners of the Destiny's Bounty. Two hundred years before the start of the stories, the pirates were navigating through the middle of a storm, searching for a mysterious place called by the captain the 'Island of Darkness'. which later Lord Garmadon finds out about. But the pirates were run aground by their blind pilot, leaving the Bounty wrecked and themselves dead. In the present, they are accidentally resurrected by Garmadon when he uses his Mega-weapon. With the Dark Lord weakened, they easily take the ship from the Serpentine and Garmadon, then proceed to go on a rampage through Ninjago City until the Ninja stop them and they are arrested.

  • Captain Soto (voiced by Alan Marriott): The leader of a group of pirates who were the previous owners of the Destiny's Bounty centuries ago, and one of the secondary antagonists of the third season. He serves as an enemy to the Ninja, Lord Garmadon, and the Serpentine. He and his pirate band were unintentionally revived by Lord Garmadon with the use of the Mega Weapon, but he later overthrew Garmadon (due to Garmadon's weakened state by the Mega Weapon) and locked him and his Serpentine Army in the brig, proceeding to create havoc in Ninjago City in their newly designed ship. They would later fight against the Ninja, but thanks to Lloyd and Nya, Captain Soto and his pirates are defeated and sent to prison, allowing the recuperating Garmadon and the Serpentine to reclaim their ship.
  • First Mate (voiced by Brent Miller): A member of Captain Soto's crew with black rice hat and an eye patch.
  • No-Eyed Pete (voiced by Paul Dobson): A member of Captain Soto's crew. He appears to be completely blind, as he has two eye patches covering his eye sockets and relied on a talking parrot perched on his shoulder as his own sense of sight. It was he who crashed the pirates ship originally, killing them.

Stone Army[edit]

The Stone Warriors are army of anthropomorphic, animated stone fighters created by the Overlord, meant to turn the tide of the war with the First Spinjitzu Master in the Overlord's favor. The Stone Warriors are made from indestructible stone found on the Dark Island; even Lloyd Garmadon, who bears the powers of the Four Golden Weapons, cannot destroy them, although he and the other Ninja eventually gain power to overcome them. Even the Serpentine learn that their powers prove to be useless against the powerful Stone Warriors. They have been dormant for an undisclosed time, but when Garmadon returns the dark half of Ninjago to the real world and the Serpentine discover their ancient vaults beneath Ninjago City, the Stone Army is reawakened and begins a rampage. Eventually, the Overlord leads the Stone Army into Ninjago after betraying Garmadon, but they fall under Dareth's control and are seemingly destroyed during the final battle. There are four types of Stone Warriors:

  • General Kozu (voiced by Paul Dobson): The general of the Stone Warriors. He is taller than most of the others and has four arms, wielding four butterfly swords and wearing a samurai helm. He speaks both English and the ancient language, and is the only Stone Warrior with this trait.
  • Stone Warriors: Like the others, these soldiers only speak the ancient language. They wield a butterfly sword, a samurai helmet and a katana each.
  • Stone Soldiers: They can speak only the ancient language. Their faces are covered with black and blue markings. they have red rice hats and wielding a katana.
  • Stone Scouts: Scouts only speak the ancient language. They have red rice hats and wielding crossbows. They are the shortest Stone Warriors. Their faces bear black and yellow markings.


  • Cyrus Borg / OverBorg (voiced by Lee Tockar): Cyrus Borg is a billionaire industrialist, technology genius and CEO of Borg Industries, who built his corporate headquarters on the site of Lloyd's initial defeat of the Overlord in New Ninjago City. Originally confined to a wheelchair due to being paralyzed since birth, he later constructed a six-legged transport for himself that he uses to get around his office. Sadly, Borg soon discovered that the Overlord had been reborn as a virus in his company's computer system. Desperate, he created the four Techno-blades and hid them in a statue that he gave to the four ninja as a gift, hoping they would be able to use them to reboot the system and destroy the Overlord. The Overlord, furious at Borg's actions, fitted him with cybernetic implants to prevent further "treachery" from his unwilling servant, and began using Borg's transport as his temporary body.
  • P.I.X.A.L. (voiced by Jennifer Hayward): The Primary Interactive X-ternal Assistant Life-form, P.I.X.A.L. was created by Cyrus Borg to serve as his personal assistant. According to her official character bio, she is the sixteenth android in her line, the previous models having suffered from defects that included issues with their emotion suppression chips. Like Borg's other creations, P.I.X.A.L. fell under the thrall of the Overlord, copying Zane's design to produce the Overlord's Nindroid Army. She later attempted to steal the Techno-blades back from Zane but was captured and freed from the Overlord's control. Zane became attracted to her, and after some hesitation she began to reciprocate. Unfortunately, she was shut down when the ninja shut down Ninjago's power plant, leaving her with no energy source. Zane gives her half of his power source, reviving her. However Zane can only do Spinjitzu when P.I.X.A.L. is with him.
  • General Cryptor (voiced by Richard Newman): The robotic leader of the Nindroids.
  • Nindroid Warrior: Normal Nindroids.
  • Nindroid Drone: Similar to Nindroids only without a hood.
  • Mindroid: The miniature nindroid. General Cryptor seems to have a special spot for the smaller droid in his cold heart. He was the last one off the factory line and the factory ran out of metal, hence his small legs.


Season Episodes Season premiere Season finale DVD Release
Pilots 2[4] January 14, 2011 March 27, 2012[5]
1: Rise of the Snakes 13[6] December 2, 2011 April 11, 2012 June 26, 2012[7]
2: Rise of the Spinjitzu Master 13 July 18, 2012 November 21, 2012 March 5, 2013[8]
3: Rebooted 8[9] January 29, 2014 October, 2014 2014

Release and reception[edit]

The pilot episodes of Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu premiered in the United States on January 14, 2011. They were released in Europe on January 24, 2011.[10]

All episodes feature a theme song called "The Weekend Whip" performed by The Fold.

Due to the positive reception of the pilot, a full series was commissioned and began broadcast in December 2011. The first five episodes of season 1 aired in Canada on November 25. The season once again aired in Canada from January 11, 2012, to April 11, 2012. The first two episodes of season 1 aired in the United States on December 2. The season once again aired in the United States from January 11, 2012, to April 11, 2012.

Lego Ninjago was recommissioned for a second season, which premiered on July 18, 2012, to an audience of 2.8 million. On the whole, the series has been very well received by fans.[11] In late September, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced that it would be releasing the first part of the second season ("Darkness Shall Rise" to "The Stone Army") under the title Rise of the Green Ninja in November 27, 2012 (though this was later pushed forward to December 11[12]), while the complete second season and the complete series has been released on March 5, 2013.[8] And a 3rd season was made and premiered on January 29, 2014. In June 2013, Warner Bros. announced that a movie based on the toyline would be made, though it would take a different approach to the TV series. It will be written by the Hageman Brothers, who also wrote the story for The Lego Movie.[13]

The series has been nominated twice for awards: Peter Hausner was nominated at the 39th Annie Awards for his direction, but lost to Simpsons director Matthew Nastuk. The composers Michael Kramer and Jay Vincent, were nominated for the BMI TV Music Award, which they won.[14]

Video game[edit]

A video game named Lego Battles: Ninjago was released in spring 2011 and was based on the first two episodes of the series. It features the some of the characters that appear in the original episodes (Kai, Jay, Zane, Cole, etc.).

A follow-up titled Lego Ninjago: Nindroids will be released in Summer 2014.


The Hageman brothers, who wrote the animated series and as well The Lego Movie (which Lloyd Garmadon appeared in as a Master Builder) will be penning the film adaptation and the film will feature a new take that diverges from the TV series. The brothers will reteam with The Lego Movie team of Dan Lin, Roy Lee, Phil Lord, and Chris Miller will produced the film and Charlie Bean to direct the film.[15][16]


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