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Ninshō (忍性?, August 19, 1217 – August 25, 1303 (Kengen July 16 – Kempo July 12)) was a Japanese Shingon Risshu priest during the Kamakura period.[1] His was instrumental in reviving Ritsu Buddhism during this period, as well as establishing facilities to care for invalids.[2] He was criticized by his contemporary Nichiren.

He is sometimes called Ninshō Ryōkan (忍性良観?), or simply Ryōkan (良観?), as well. He was a disciple of Eison (1201 – 1290), another Ritsu priest of the period. He was born in Byōbunosato, Shikinoshimonokōri, Yamato Province, now part of Miyake in Nara Prefecture.