Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner

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Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner
Nintendo DS television tuner (body-closed).jpg
The Digital TV tuner in its closed position.
Developer Nintendo SPD
Manufacturer Nintendo
Product family Nintendo DS
Type TV tuner card
Release date
  • JP November 20, 2007
Media Nintendo DS Game Card

The Nintendo DS Digital TV Tuner is a DS Terrestrial Digital Broadcast Receiver Card (TV tuner) for viewing digital Japanese TV on the Nintendo DS console. It uses a service called 1seg in Japan. A number of cell phones are also capable of receiving broadcasts.

The bottom screen of the Nintendo DS is used to switch channels, and the top screen is for viewing the TV broadcast. The prototypes Nintendo had at a press conference ran via the Game Boy Advance cartridge slot, but the final version of the card plugs into the DS card slot. The TV tuner was released on November 20, 2007 in Japan and features a built-in Game & Watch game, 'Game & Watch Fire.' The TV Tuner is not scheduled for release outside of Japan at the moment. If the Tuner were to be released outside of Japan, the TV format would be re-programmed to suit different regions. For example, Australia and Europe would have had the Tuner released supporting the DVB-H format using a LDTV video signal and North America doing the same but with the ATSC M/H format.


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