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Nintendo Magazine System
NMS Australia Issue 80 cover.png
November 1999 cover featuring Jet Force Gemini
Editor Natalie Griffith
Categories Computer and video game magazines
Frequency Monthly
First issue April 1993
Final issue
— Number
August 2000
Company Catalyst Publishing
Country Australia

Nintendo Magazine System was the official Nintendo magazine of Australia. In publication for seven years until 2000, the magazine was a branch of Official Nintendo Magazine, the UK's official Nintendo magazine, which was also called Nintendo Magazine System at the time. On 12 November 2008 a new official Australian Nintendo magazine was announced.[1]


Trielle Corporation[edit]

The Australian version of NMS was originally published by Trielle Corporation as a 68-page magazine, with a cover price of $4.95. The first issue appeared in April 1993, and featured Super Mario Land 2 on the cover. It was Australia's official Nintendo magazine, and was very critical to poorly made videogame software, with scores for such games often in the low thirties. The magazine often included news and articles not relating to Nintendo products, from information on the idea of virtual reality, to the highest selling coin-operated arcade games at the time. The mail section held feedback from the editors, who at one time, for example, cited multiple reasons why upcoming consoles such as the 3D0 were superior to the SNES, possibly showing a lack of bias found in many "Official" magazines today (however, the SNES is today generally praised, while the 3D0 is criticized). The cheat section included GameShark and Action Replay codes, something Nintendo, at the time, was heavily against.

The first 100 subscribers of Nintendo Magazine System received a free bonus Snake Rattle 'n' Roll game for the NES, and later in Issue 4 all subscribers could, for a reduced cost of $30, buy a copy of Probotector, the PAL version of Contra.

Catalyst Publishing[edit]

Starting with Issue 34 in January 1996, Catalyst Publishing took control of the magazine, but retained the issue numbering. The most noticeable change was the lack of advertisements in the magazine, with almost every issue only having two in the last page and back cover.

Less noticeable was the swing in attitude towards any unlicensed third party peripheral for Nintendo consoles, being cited in the mail section as "bad" and having the ability to void the warranty on such machines. At Issue 54 the cover price increased to $5.95 with the page count increased to 84 (this later increased again at Issue 69 to 100 pages).


The magazine awarded Superman a score of 80% in issue 77.[2] By comparison, Superman was called the 7th worst game of all time in Electronic Gaming Monthly, the second worst game of the 90s on Filter, the worst game of all time by GameTrailers, and the Worst Game of 1999 by MTV's Gamer 2.0.

In June 2000, the cover price was increased to $6.95 and had "This product includes G.S.T" printed next to the price, which at the time was set to come in at the first of July in Australia. NMS took out a full page notice in the July issue, apologising to readers, news agents and the ACCC, calling it an "idiot mistake" and blaming the mistake on accidentally using the July issue template on the June issue. The notice stated that people who purchased the June issue "definitely did not pay GST" on the issue, and that it was not related to the "recent NMS cover price increase", which they stated was due to rising production costs and increasing the number of pages in the magazine.[3]

The price of the magazine did not increase by ten percent to $7.70 due to GST after 1 July 2000, but stayed at $6.95.

The end[edit]

The last issue of Nintendo Magazine System was Issue 89, the August 2000 issue, which featured Lara Croft on the cover. Issue 90 was to have Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion as the feature review and the July 2001 issue would have been the 100th issue, had the magazine continued. The cancellation seemed abrupt, ending without any announcements in previous issues that had hinted toward this. Declining readership made this inevitable.

Magazine sections[edit]

One of Nintendo Magazine System's most notable sections was its letters page, as it continuously posted multiple fan submitted drawings of Sonic the Hedgehog getting either killed, beaten to death, or humiliated by one of Nintendo's mascots (usually Mario), or by one of the NMS staff members. This was split into two sections: the first went through different changes, starting under the name "Fat Boy", then as the magazine changed hands, under the same title as the magazine itself, "Les" and then finally "Nursie". The second section was entitled "Skull's Mailbag", which started out as a rough-and-tumble, sexist, masochistic aggressive type of mailbag. Amongst other things, writers pledged allegiance to the legions of DSV (Death, Suffering and Violence), and competitions were held to draw the sexiest female game character. Eventually it was toned down from a heavy metal type skull to a cartoon horror type skull, as the magazine changed its target audience to younger readers.

Game guides[edit]

While the Magazine itself included game Guide material, five Nintendo Magazine System branded game guides were produced for Banjo-Kazooie, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, Pokémon, Jet Force Gemini and Donkey Kong 64. Each had 100 pages except Donkey Kong 64 which had 116. They were all priced at $9.95.

Front cover headlines[edit]

  • 1993
  • Australia's Only Guide to Game Boy, NES & Super NES (Issues 1-8)
  • Australia's No. 1 Guide to Game Boy, NES & Super NES (Issue 9)
  • 1994
  • Australia's No. 1 Guide to Game Boy, NES & Super NES (Issue 10)
  • Australia's Only Guide to Game Boy, NES & Super NES (Issues 11 & 12)
  • Still Australia's Only Game Boy, NES & Super NES Experts (Issues 13-15)
  • More Game Boy, NES & Super NES News Than You Can Poke a Stick At (Issue 16)
  • It's Official - We're the Biggest Games Mag in Australia! (Issue 17)
  • Top-Selling Video Game Magazine in Australia!!! (Issue 18)
  • The Top-Selling Video Game Mag in Australia!!! (Issue 19)
  • Top-Selling Game Mag...Cool!!! (Issue 20)
  • This is the Best Video Game Mag in Australia, Can You Live Without It? (Issue 21)
  • 1995
  • All the Game Boy, NES, Super NES and Nintendo News You Need to Know! (Issue 22)
  • All the Game Boy, NES, Super NES, & Nintendo News That's Fit to Print! (Issue 23)
  • We Tell You Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo! (Issue 24)
  • Everything You Need to Know About Nintendo! (Issue 25)
  • The Grooviest Nintendo Mag on the Face of the Earth! (Issue 26)
  • More Nintendo News Than You Can Poke a Stick At! (Issue 27)
  • Warning - This Magazine Bites!!! (Issue 28)
  • Warning: This Magazine Could Fry Your Brain! (Issue 29)
  • The Hottest Nintendo Games in the Galaxy! (Issue 30)
  • This Magazine Commences Self-Destruct in 5 Seconds! (Issue 31)
  • Smoking This Mag Could Be Hazardous to Your Health! (Issue 32)
  • Do Not Attempt to Stir Fry This Mag! (Issue 33)
  • 1996
  • Latest Ultra 64 News Direct From Japan (Issue 34)
  • This Month Only - One Extra Day Free! (Issue 35)
  • 12 Primal Rage Carts Up For Grabs!! (Issue 36)
  • 12 DKC2s For Lucky New Subscribers! (Issue 37)
  • Mayday! Mayday! Launch Escape Pods! (Issue 38)
  • Nintendo 64 - Shadows of the Empire! (Issue 39)
  • NMS - One For The Record Books! (Issue 40)
  • DOOM and YOSHI Guides - Final Parts (Issue 41)
  • 29 Pages of Top Nintendo 64 Action! (Issue 42)
  • WIN! Evermore Carts (Issue 43)
  • TUROK - Exclusive New Shots (Issue 44)
  • 6 Great Comps (Issue 45)
  • 1997
  • Win an SNES and DKC3! (Issue 46)
  • Win an Nintendo 64! (Issue 47)
  • Full N64 Intro! (Issue 48)
  • WIN an N64 and Turok! (Issue 49)
  • Tips - 20 Pages (Issue 50)
  • WIN! Prehistoric Prizes! (Issue 51)
  • WIN! MK Trilogy & Blast Corps Carts! (Issue 52)
  • WIN! 6 Turok Carts! (Issue 53)
  • 9 Competitions! (Issue 54) (Page count increased to 84)
  • WIN! Lylat Wars Carts (Issue 55)
  • WIN an N64! (Issues 56 & 57)
  • 1998
  • WIN an N64! (Issue 58)
  • WIN! Great Comps Inside! (Issue 59)
  • 5 Compos! (Issue 60)
  • N64 To Win! (Issue 61)
  • Win Heaps of Prizes! (Issue 62)
  • Exclusive - Design a Bike For Extreme G2!! (Issue 63)
  • Win a Game Boy Camera! (Issue 64)
  • WIN! Iggy's Reckin' Balls Carts! (Issue 65)
  • Win Banjo-Kazooie (Issue 66)
  • 8 Compos! (Issue 67)
  • N64 to Win! (Issue 68)
  • Win a Game Boy Color (Issue 69) (Page count increased to 100)
  • 1999
  • Zelda Carts to Win (Issue 70)
  • Turok Atlas (Issue 71)
  • Rogue Squadron Review (Issue 72)
  • Mario Party (Issue 73)
  • Exclusive Pullout! Game Boy Color (Issue 74)
  • Star Wars Flythrough (Issue 75)
  • Nintendo's New Machine - Details Inside (Issue 76)
  • Win Top LEGO Stuff (Issue 77)
  • Exclusive Pullout! Game Boy Color (Issue 78)
  • Game Boy Successor News (Issue 79)
  • Win Pokémon Yellow! (Issue 80)
  • Win JFG Carts (Issue 81)
  • 2000
  • Hey Kids! Collect all 4 South Park Covers! (Issue 82)
  • WWF Games and Merchandise to be Won! (Issue 83)
  • Exclusive Pullout! Game Boy Color (Issue 84)
  • Mario Party 2 Treads the Boards (Issue 85)
  • Pulling No Punches in Pokémon Stadium (Issue 86)
  • Rare's Biggest Ever N64 Game! Dinosaur Planet First Details (Issue 87)
  • WIN! Tony Hawk N64 (Issue 88)
  • You Can't Win Enough! Bond Videos Inside! (Issue 89)


1993 to 1995[edit]

Main staff behind Nintendo Magazine System when it was published by the Trielle Corporation from 1993 to 1995.

  • Publisher:
  • Michael Mohi (1993-95, Issues 1-33).
  • Editorial director:
  • Gerard Reynolds (1993-94, Issues 1-13).
  • Managing editors:
  • Rod 'Fat Boy' de Martin (1993-95, Issues 1-29)
  • Mary Gillespie (1995, Issues 30-33).
  • Editor:
  • Mary Gillespie (1994-95, Issues 14-29).
  • Senior writer:
  • Andrew Iredale (1994–95, Issues 10-33)

1996 to 2000[edit]

Main staff behind Nintendo Magazine System when it was published by Catalyst Publishing, from 1996 to 2000.

  • Publisher
  • John Fletcher (1996-2000, Issues 34-89)
  • Managing editor
  • Willy Adams (1998-2000, Issues 68-89)
  • Editors
  • Willy Adams (1996-98, Issues 34-67)
  • Natalie MacKenzie-Ross (later Griffith) (1998-2000, Issues 68-89)
  • Deputy editors
  • Natalie MacKenzie-Ross (later Griffith) (1997-98, Issues 53-67)
  • Sue Clark (1998-99, Issues 68-76)
  • Alex Bowden (1999-2000, Issues 77-89)

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