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Ninxa Otaku
Ninxa Otaku symbol.jpg
Ninxa Otaku's symbol
Status Active
Genre Anime
Location(s) Manama, Capital Governorate
Country Bahrain
Inaugurated 2011
Attendance 980 in 2012
Organized by Ninxa Otaku (founder)
Ninxa (current)
Filing status Non-profit

Ninxa Otaku is Bahrain's mysterious anime convention promoting Japanese animation (anime), Japanese graphic novels (manga), related gaming, as well as Japanese and Western pop-culture (music, cinema, television). It is held annually and/or biennially for one day in Bahrain during a Friday. It is a non-profit, fan-run anime convention that was initiated by a group of Bahraini youth that have made great efforts for over 4 years to organize events/gatherings and continue giving more. The group has received encouragement from several official bodies among them the Japanese Embassy, American Embassy delegates, and plaudit by over 25,000 fans. The name "Ninxa Otaku" is a Word play of the word "Ninja" + "Extreme" and the Japanese word "otaku". The first event was held in 2011 by the end of June.

History and Story[edit]

Most of the Events organised or sub-organized by Ninxa Otaku bare a story-line and interconnected with the main storyboard, of a post utopian empire controlling a vast frontier of space while rediscovering their ancient cult ceremonies, city size space ships known as Arches venture to discover what triggered the whole Arch Impratoria, a special character known as Louard van Koulde usually introduced by a third person explains how his Arch meets the ancient generation (present day) and moves the strings to establish scientific phenomena called summonings. Summonings are twilights only seen by the infected, patients infected with EOS (Extreme Otaku Syndrome).

Besides the story, Ninxa Otaku stands behind drives:

  • We aim to create event/gatherings for all ages to enjoy by several of interactive activities and competitions. In addition, we want to gather all interested parties of Japanese animation (anime), comics (manga) and video game enthusiasts to create a memorable day for all to enjoy.
  • We aspire to expand knowledge about Japanese Culture and History by gathering fans with different interest to share and acquire new interests.
  • We seek to become a vehicle of sharing and disseminating industry of information by becoming the central event for those fans.
  • We act as a creative outlet for fans, an occasion where they can show their passion and appreciation of the hobby. We are an event where fans can show off the costumes they have made, the music videos they have created, and the art they have painted and drawn.
  • We aim to have our gatherings as forums for discussion and education as educational panels introducing others to the Japanese culture and the anime history.


Attendees and Gamers at the Gamers Realm of Banicon 2011
Cosplayers at the First Summoning

As with most other anime conventions, Ninxa Otaku offers a collection of programming, exhibits, and other events. The programming consists of cosplay Party, AMV Showcasing, Artists' Alley, Gaming Realm, Merchandise, Photo Scavenger Hunt, and other activities.

  • Cosplay Party: Attendees can attend wearing costumes and accessories to represent a specific character or idea (anime/manga/video game related); also known as Cosplay and usually they dress as their favorite anime, manga or video game character. Moreover a verity of skit contests, Plays, Stage Battles, Green-screen action, Photo-shoots, and much more.
  • AMV Showcasing: An Anime music video (AMV) is a music video consisting of clips from one or more animations set to an audio track (often songs or movie/show trailer audio); the term usually refers to fan-made unofficial videos which a majority of attendees tend to submit to air at the event.
  • Artists' Alley: The Artists' Alley is an artists' marketplace for illustrators, painters, writers, and crafters to display and sell their arts and crafts. A separate Art Gallery allows artists to display and auction their artworks.
  • Merchandise: The convention brings a range of merchants and suppliers to set up booths and sell anime, manga and video game related merchandise. Attendees are as well encouraged to do commerce and exchange among each other their own merchandise.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt: Attendees take part in our photo scavenger hunt during the convention, all they need is a digital camera and an eye for adventure, the screens at the venue will display hints to capture and the contest would be to collect as much images by capturing with them.
  • Other activities: There are also various other games, events, shows and contests such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies, the Fashion Show, the hardcore anime trivia, Live Action Role Playing (LARP), Treasure Hunt, Japanese silent games.

Previous events[edit]

  • Banicon: Bahrain Anime Convention:

The Bahrain Anime Convention (BANICON) was held at Gulf Convention Center at the Gulf Hotel in June 30, 2011. It was organized under the patronage of “Whisper’s Corner” and whiteness the presence of speakers, participants and delegates from the GCC and partly the world. The event’s program held: Gaming Realm, Cosplaying, Artists Alley, Screening Theater, History, Contests, Trivia Show, and Merchants from Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Qatar and Bahrain.

  • Ninxa Otaku: The First Summoning:

The First Summoning, by sole Ninxa Otaku, was a brand new anime event located in the Kingdom of Bahrain. The gathering attracted anime, manga, and gaming fans within the Gulf. It was held in March 23, 2012 at The Grand Juffair Hotel (formerly known as Best Western Hotel). The event was a great success and over 95% of acceptance rate and demand for more. The event combined the previous associates into one gathering.

Other events[edit]

  • MGL: Mena Gaming Lan - Teaser:

MGL organized a gaming event at the media center of Bahrain International Circuit (in November 18, 2011) that aimed to attract gamers within the Middle East and North Africa. Ninxa Otaku associated to bring the world of cosplay at the event. Gamers and Anime fans alike came as their favorite character in costume.

  • MGL: New Year Event:

Once again Ninxa Otaku associated with MGL to organize another cosplay event for the 3 day Gaming event from the 29th of December till the 31st of December in 2011 at the media center of Bahrain International Circuit. MGL included the Cosplay competition for total enjoyment and based each day of the event on a certain cosplay, winners were given honor trophies and gift cards.

  • Anime Island: 6th Anniversary Festival:

Anime Island, the popular Saudi social network and Anime shop organized its first event in January 16, 2012 at Al Dhahran Palace hall, Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia. Both Saudi Cospalyers and Bahrain Cosplayers of Ninxa Otaku were the sponsors and co-organizers. The event gained a vast audience and was considered a total success.


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