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Nioghalvfjerdsbrae (79°00′N 025°00′W / 79.000°N 25.000°W / 79.000; -25.000), sometimes referred to as "79 N Glacier", is a large glacier located in northeast Greenland. It drains an area of 103,314 km2 (39,890 sq mi) of the Greenland Ice Sheet with a flux (quantity of ice moved from the land to the sea) of 14.3 km3 (3.4 cu mi) per year, as measured for 1996.[1]

The glacier has had an 80 km long and 20 km wide floating tongue, widening to about 30 km at the calving front. In August 1997 the calving front retreated by 5 km with no significant upstream thinning.[2]


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