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Farming near Nirmal
Farming near Nirmal
Nirmal is located in Telangana
Location in Telangana, India
Coordinates: 19°06′N 78°21′E / 19.1°N 78.35°E / 19.1; 78.35Coordinates: 19°06′N 78°21′E / 19.1°N 78.35°E / 19.1; 78.35
Country  India
State Telangana
District Adilabad
 • Rank 3 (In District)13th (in telangana state)
 • Official Telugu & Urdu
Time zone IST (UTC+5:30)
PIN 504106
Telephone code 08734
Vehicle registration TS-01
Sex ratio 50:50 /
Lok Sabha constituency Adilabad
Vidhan Sabha constituency Nirmal

Nirmal is a Municipality with 36 Wards in Adilabad district in Telangana, India. It is the Political Headquarters of the district with a history of 400 years. The name Nirmal is derived from one of its famous rulers, Nimma Naidu, in the 17th century. He was a great patron of arts, encouraging the art of toy making out of teak and a unique tender wood, Poniki, which flourished in his time bringing significance to the town. Today, toy making is a small-scale industry in the town..


Nirmal is located at 19°06′N 78°21′E / 19.10°N 78.35°E / 19.10; 78.35.[1] It has an average elevation of 340 metres (1100 feet).

Nirmal is surrounded by 13 lakes which makes the place special. They are

  • Dharma Sagar [ Mini Tankbund ]
  • Vinayak Sagar [ Bangalpet ]
  • Khazaana [Talab] Cheruvu [ Venkatadripet ]
  • Jaam [Talab] Cheruvu [ Kurannapet ]
  • Merodi [Talab] Cheruvu
  • Gollapet [Talab] Cheruvu
  • Muthyala [ Moti Talab] Cheruvu
  • Kancharoni [Talab] Cheruvu
  • Kottha [Naya Talab] Cheruvu
  • Gajulapet [Talab] Cheruvu
  • Manjulapur [Talab] Cheruvu
  • Devuni [Talab] Cheruvu
  • Kassar [Talab] Cheruvu


As of 2011 India census,[2] The total population in Nirmal Town is 88,433.

  • There are 19,298 House Holds in Nirmal.
  • There are 44,053 males (50%); There are 44,380 females (50%).
  • Scheduled Cast are 6,282 (7%)
  • Total Scheduled Tribe are 1,315 (1% ).
  • Literates in the Town are 59,680 (67%).
  • There are 28,753 total Illiterates (33% ).
  • Nirmal Workers are 36,418 (41%). 31,755 are regular Workers and 4,663 are Irregular Workers.
  • There are total of 52,015 Non Workers (59%) in Nirmal.

Sex Ratio[edit]

While the population is 88,433, there are 44,053 males in the City (50%) and 44,380 females are there (50%). Further the children below 6 years of age are 10,303 of which 5,315 are males and 4,988 are females.


Majority people practice Hinduism, followed by Islam and Christianity.


Major Languages spoken in this area are Telugu, Hindi and Urdu.


Nirmal Paintings and Wooden Toys are famous all over the world. From the rustic ethos to the royal environment, from flora to fauna, an explicit array of expressions is portrayed in myriad colours and forms on Nirmal products. This art form named after its place of origin, Nirmal in Adilabad district of Telangana.

A number of stage artists who gained fame with their acting, singing and dance hail from Nirmal.


Main article: Bathukamma

Bathukamma is a festival celebrated by the Hindu women of Telangana. It is followed by Boddemma in the month of September–October. Bathukamma is a beautiful flower stack,arranged with seasonal flowers, in seven concentric layers, of potter’s clay like a cone. Bathuku in Telugu means live/life, and Amma means mother; is celebrated for the glory, later denoted as Goddess Gauri – the patron goddess of womanhood.

Other Hindu festivals include Bonalu, Rama Navami, Ganesh Chaturthi, Navarathri, Dussehra, Diwali, Holi, Raksha bandhan, Gokulashtami, Makara Sankranti, etc.,

The Muslim Festivals: Eid Ul Fitr, Eid Ul Azha [Bakra Eid], Muharram, Sofi's Urs etc.,


The climate of the town is characterized by the hot summer and is generally dry except during the southwest monsoon. The year may be divided into four seasons. The winter season from December to February is followed by the summer season from March to May. The period from June to September constitute the southwest monsoon season, while October and November from the post monsoon season. The weather of the area is also dictated by the seven lakes around the town.

The relative humidity is high during the southwest monsoon season. The air is generally dry during the rest of the year, the district part of the year being the summer season when the humidity in the afternoon is 25%.

The rainfall in the town, in general increases from the southwest towards the northeast. About 85% of annual rainfall is received during the southwest monsoon season. The peak rainy month is July. The variation in the Annual rainfall of a year is not very large. Annual rainfall of the district is 1044.5m.m.

The cold weather commences towards the end of November when the temperature begins to fall rapidly. December is generally the coldest month, with the daily maximum temperature of about 29 C and the minimum of 3 c.

In summer,from mid April the temperature begins to rise rapidly. May is generally the hottest month,with daily maximum temperature around 50 c.

Winds are light to moderate with some strengthening in the period from May to August. During the post-monsoon and cold season, winds blow mostly from the east or northeast. By March, south westerlies start blowing and continue the rest of summer. The southwest monsoon season winds are mostly from directions between southwest and northwest.


There are so many government colleges in Nirmal

  • University PG college
  • Govt. Degree College
  • Govt. Degree College for Women
  • Dr.B.R. Ambedkar Open University Study Centre
  • Govt. Junior college (Boys)
  • Govt. Junior College (Girls)
  • Govt. Polytechnic College
  • Rajiv Gandhi I.T.I. College

Assembly constituency[edit]

Nirmal Assembly constituency is a constituency of Telangana Legislative Assembly, India. It is one of 10 constituencies in Adilabad district. It comes under Adilabad (Lok Sabha constituency) along with 6 other Assembly consitituencies.

In this constituency there are 5 mandals. They are Nirmal, Dilawarpur, Laxmanchanda, Mamda and Sarangapur Mandals.

There were 2,10,983 registered voters in Nirmal constituency in 2014 elections.


Election Data[edit]

Year Winner Party Opponent Party
1957 Koripelly Muthyam Reddy Independent P. Reddy Indian National Congress
1962 P. Narasa Reddy Indian National Congress P. Reddy Independent
1967 P. Narasa Reddy Indian National Congress L. Prabhakar Reddy Independent
1972 P. Narasa Reddy Indian National Congress Unanimous election
1978 P. Ganga Reddy Indian National Congress (Indira) P. Narasa Reddy Indian National Congress
1983 A. Bheem Reddy Telugu Desam Party P. Ganga Reddy Indian National Congress
1985 S. Venugopala Chary Telugu Desam Party G. V. Narasa Reddy Indian National Congress
1989 S. Venugopala Chary Telugu Desam Party A Bheem Reddy Telugu Desam Party
1994 S. Venugopala Chary Telugu Desam Party P. Narasa Reddy Indian National Congress
1999 A. Indrakaran Reddy Indian National Congress N. Indrakaran Reddy Telugu Desam Party
2004 A. Indrakaran Reddy Indian National Congress V. Satyanarayana Goud Telugu Desam Party
2009 A. Maheswar Reddy Praja Rajyam Party A. Indrakaran Reddy Indian National Congress
2014 A. Indrakaran Reddy Bahujan Samaj Party Kuchadi Srihari Rao Telangana Rashtra Samithi


Nirmal is the political Headquarters of Adilabad district. It has a great cultural history. It is one of the main towns in Adilabad district. It is Situated in between Highways NH-7 Varanasi - Kanyakumari Highway And NH-222 Nirmal- Kalyan (Mumbai) Highway. The place can be reached by travelling 210 km in northern direction b/n 4 to 5 hours from Hyderabad by travelling in the TSRTC buses or 3.0 to 3.5 Hours by car on the NH-7. The highway has 4 lanes by which the journey has been made easier. Town located on north-south express way.

There are a lot of Function Halls (Place where Marriages and other events are conducted) in the town namely,

  • Raja Rajeshwara Gardens
  • Divya Gardens
  • Tirumala Gardens
  • R.R. Gardens
  • Laxmi Function hall
  • M.K. Function Hall
  • Reddy Function Hall
  • M.S. Function Hall
  • Municipal Function Hall
  • Star Function Hall
  • Golden Function Hall
  • Heera Function hall
  • I.A. Function Hall

There are 4 theatres in the town namely,

  • Thirumala Theatre (75mm)
  • Venkatesh Theatre (75 mm)
  • Narayana Theatre (35 mm)
  • Natraj Theatre (75 mm)

Tourist places[edit]

Nirmal has a history of 400 years. The town is surrounded by many renowned tourist spots of historical significance and natural beauty as well. The main tourist spots of Nirmal are;

  • Kuntala waterfalls
  • Pochera waterfalls
  • Nirmal Toys
  • Nirmal Paintings
  • Basara Saraswathi Temple
  • Nandigundam Durgamatha Temple
  • Gandi Ramanna Temple
  • Nirmal Forts (Batthisgarh, Khillagutta, Shyaamgarh, etc.,)
  • Sarad Mahel
  • Devarakota Temple
  • Omkareshwar Mandir
  • Ayyappa Temple
  • Nagareshwara Temple
  • Sri Veeranjaneya Temple
  • Kalabhairava Temple
  • Murali Krishna Mandir
  • Maha Lakshmi Temple
  • Mini Tankbund


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