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Nirmal Baba
Born Nirmaljeet Singh Narula
Samana, Punjab, India

Nirmal Baba (born Nirmaljeet Singh Narula) is an Indian spiritual leader and motivational speaker who is known for his public discourses and has followers in some parts of India.[1] His discourses are broadcast on multiple television channels across India.


Nirmal Baba, former name Nirmaljit Singh Nirula, was born in 1952 in Samana, India, near Patiala in Punjab, to a Namdhari Sikh family and is the youngest of two brothers and three sisters.[2] He grew up in Palamau, Jharkhand after his parents moved there in the fifties.[3] He is married to Sushma Narula and has a daughter and a son.[4]

Nirmaljit Singh began his brick kiln business in 1981. However, he suffered losses and following this, he started a cloth shop but again failed in his venture.[5] He was then involved in mining of Kyanite from Jyoti Hill, Jharkhand in 1998–99.[6]

He claims to have attained Nirvana in a Jharkhand forest in the 1980s. He then cut his Sikh hair, shaved off his beard and adopted the name, Nirmal Baba.[3]

Nirmal Darbar[edit]

Nirmal Darbar used to be the name of the Samagam corresponding to each public meeting of Baba. This show was broadcast by approximately 40 different channels including AXN, TV Asia, Star News, SAB TV and more.[7] During these Darbars, he makes public appearances and converses with aggrieved devotees who usually narrate their personal, social or financial worries to him. He then, asks questions to diagnose what has stopped "kirpa" (God's kindness) from flowing in the devotees' lives. He advises them on those issues publicly and suggests "solutions" to make "kirpa" (God's kindness) flow in the devotees' lives again thereby solving their problems. The solutions that Nirmal baba suggests are usually related to the daily lives of people. Nirmal Baba also claims to save his devotees from negative effects of black magic and evil spirits. All the Samagam meetings have tickets for 3000 (US$48).[8] The tagline of the show was "Yantra chale na tantra mantra, na rahe dukhon ka ghera, Bhagya uday ho jayega jab ho, Nirmal Baba aashirwad tera," meaning "Even when objects representing aspects of divine and mystical hymns and sounds having special meanings fail, good luck can be awakened in a person's life by blessings of Nirmal Baba."[9]


Nirmal baba's suggestions are usually related to minor activities in daily life of devotees. But, as a whole he tells his devotees to have faith upon the God they worship. What matters is the belief and love that you put while you worship. He tells his devotees to stay away from all the quick fix solutions of Tantriks and instead have real faith upon their deity. He always emphasizes to help poor and hungry people. He also tells his devotees to serve cow. He tells his devotees not to act selfish upon themselves. If they want to have any common foods like pani-puri or samosas or anything, or purchase any items like lipstick or even the smallest things, then, they should have it.

Allegations & Reactions[edit]

"Nirmal Darbar" trust[10] and spiritual program run by Nirmal Baba came under media and legal attacks because of alleged fraudulent activities and for charging exorbitant sums of money from distressed people. It was alleged that he claimed to solve problems with the help of self-proclaimed "divine powers" and odd solutions through eating certain things like rabdi, pani-puri etc.[11] Soon after the media criticism, his Facebook page was flooded with comments from supporters and fans. The news site Daily Bhaskar has alleged that many of these Facebook profiles are fake.[12][13] But, the allegations were soon proved to be non-existent and court withdrew its order to stop broadcasting Nirmal baba's show on TV.


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