Nishi-Koizumi Station

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Station building
Bird-eye view of the station

Nishi-Koizumi Station (西小泉駅 Nishi-Koizumi-eki?) is a passenger-service station of Koizumi Line, which is operated by Tobu Railway company, located in Ōizumi, Ōra District, Gunma Prefecture, Japan.


The first station was originally opened in order for Koizumi plant of Nakajima Aircraft Company as the station of Sengoku-Kashi Freight Line operated by Tobu Railway company on December 1, 1941. There were 32 services of a day between Nishi-koizumi station and Ōta Station.

Nearest places[edit]

Preceding station[edit]

Koizumimachi Station - Nishi-Koizumi station


Coordinates: 36°15′30″N 139°24′30″E / 36.25833°N 139.40833°E / 36.25833; 139.40833