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KOganezaki in Nishiizu Town
KOganezaki in Nishiizu Town
Flag of Nishiizu
Location of Nishiizu in Shizuoka Prefecture
Location of Nishiizu in Shizuoka Prefecture
Nishiizu is located in Japan
Coordinates: 34°46′N 138°47′E / 34.767°N 138.783°E / 34.767; 138.783Coordinates: 34°46′N 138°47′E / 34.767°N 138.783°E / 34.767; 138.783
Country Japan
Region Chūbu
Prefecture Shizuoka
 • Total 105.52 km2 (40.74 sq mi)
Population (June 2012)
 • Total 9,081
 • Density 86.1/km2 (223/sq mi)
Time zone Japan Standard Time (UTC+9)
Phone number 0558-55-0211

Nishiizu (西伊豆町 Nishiizu-chō?) is a town located in Kamo District, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan.

As of June 2012, the town has an estimated population of 9,081 and a population density of 86.1 persons per km². The total area is 105.52 km².


Sandwiched between the Amagi Mountains to the west and Suruga Bay on the Pacific Ocean to the west, Nishiizu has a hill hinterland and a rocky, indented coast. The area has numerous hot springs. Warmed by the warm Kuroshio Current, the area enjoys a warm maritime climate with hot, humid summers and mild, cool winters. Parts of the town are within the borders of Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park,

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During the Edo period, all of Izu Province was tenryō territory under direct control of the Tokugawa shogunate, and the area now comprising Nishiizu consisted of seven villages within ancient Naka District. During the cadastral reform of the early Meiji period in 1889, the area was reorganized into three villages (Nishina, Tago, and Ugusu), which became part of Kamo District from 1896. A fourth village, Arari, was created out of Ugusu the same year.

The town of Nishiizu was founded on March 31, 1956 through the merger of Tago and Nishina and in September of the same year, Ugusu and Arari villages were rejoined to form Kamo. Kamo was merged into Nishiizu on April 1, 2005.


The economy of Nishiizu is dominated by tourism centered on the hot spring resort industry, and by commercial fishing.


Nishiizu is served by Japan National Route 136 highway, but has no train service.


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