Nisqually Indian Tribe of the Nisqually Reservation

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Nisqually Indian Tribe
of the Nisqually Reservation
Total population
650 enrolled members[1]
Regions with significant populations
 United States ( Washington)
English, Nisqually[2]
traditional tribal religion, Indian Shaker Church[3]
Related ethnic groups
other Nisqually people

The Nisqually Indian Tribe of the Nisqually Reservation is a federally recognized tribe of Nisqually people. They are a Coast Salish people of indigenous peoples of the Pacific Northwest. Their tribe is located in Washington.

Nisqually people are also enrolled in the Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.


The Nisqually Reservation is 1,000-acres large and located in Thurston County, Washington, 15 miles east of Olympia. All of the current reservation land was acquired by the tribe in the last 25 years.[4] The reservation was established by the Treaty of Medicine Creek of 1854. Originally 5,105 acres, the reservation was mostly east of the Nisqually River in Pierce County, Washington. The tribal lands were broken into individual allotments in 1884. 3,370 acres were usurped by the US military in 1917 to create the Fort Lewis Military Reserve. About 300 tribal members live on the reservation today.[1]


The Nisqually Indian Tribe is headquartered in Olympia, Washington. They ratified their constitution and bylaws on 9 September 1946. These were amended on 28 October 1994. The tribe is governed by a seven-member, democratically-elected General Council. The current tribal administration is as follows:

  • Chairperson: Cynthia Iyall
  • Vice-Chairperson: William Frank III
  • Secretary: Jean Sanders
  • Treasurer: Stephanie Scott
  • Member: James Slape Jr.
  • Member: Antonette Squally
  • Member: Farron McCloud.[5]


English is commonly spoken on by the tribe. Their traditional language is the Nisqually language, which is a Southern Puget Sound Salish language.[2]

Economic development[edit]

The Nisqually Indian Tribe owns and operates Red Wind Casino, Blue Camas Buffet, Squalli-Absch Grille, The Medicine Creek Deli, and Pealo's Landing.[6]

Notable tribal members[edit]


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