Nisroch (Dungeons & Dragons)

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Game background
Home plane Nine Hells
Power level Duke of Hell
Alignment Lawful Evil
Design details

Nisroch is an outcast Duke of Hell, one of the Rabble of Devilkin, in the Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying game.

Publication history[edit]

Nisroch first appears in Ed Greenwood's article "The Nine Hells Revisited" in Dragon #91 (November 1984).[1]

Nisroch was briefly detailed in Fiendish Codex II: Tyrants of the Nine Hells (2006).[2]


Known as the Poisoner of Hell Nisroch, "The Eagle", is an observing, polite and mocking Duke. Exiled to Avernus for killing the duke Senciner and nearly slaying Abigor, he has now very little chance to perform his favourite trick (poisoning sumptuous meals). Still, he continues to invent and produce deadly poisons with the rare ingredients of Avernus, poisoning various items at random to surprise his unwary victims. Nisroch looks very much like the Tanar'ri Prince Pazuzu: he is an eagle-headed humanoid male with talons for legs and a leathery skin. His feathery areas are black and the only thing that distinguishes him from the demon Prince of Aerial Kingdoms is his set of bat-like wings.


Nisroch is one of the Rabble of Devilkin.


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