Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP

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Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP
Hokutetsu Bus 323.jpg
Manufacturer Nissan Diesel
Production 1994–2010
Body and chassis
Class Buses
Body style Bus
Engine FE6, J07E, 6M60
Transmission UD (manual), ZF (automatic)
Length 10.2m, 10.5m

The Nissan Diesel Space Runner JP (kana:日産ディーゼル・スペースランナーJP) is a medium-duty bus produced by the Japanese manufacturer Nissan Diesel from 1994 until 2010. The range was primarily available as city bus.


  • U-JP211 (1994)
  • KC-JP250 (1995)
  • KL-JP252 (1999)
  • PK-JP360 (2004)
  • PDG-JP820 (2007)

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