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The Nissan TB straight-six petrol engine was released in 1987 as the TB42. Bore and stroke were 96 mm × 96 mm (3.8 in × 3.8 in). Cubic capacity was 4169 cc (254.39 cubic inch displacement). The engine was released with a two-barrel carburettor and a point type distributor. It was used in the Nissan Patrol Y60 and Y61 series.


TB42E and TB42S[edit]

In 1992 the TB42E emerged with electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition. At this time the TB42 was re-labeled as TB42S.
175 PS (129 kW; 173 bhp) @ 4200 rpm
32.6 kg·m (320 N·m; 236 lb·ft) @ 3200 rpm

TB45E and TB45S[edit]

In 1997 the TB45 was produced. The cylinder bore was increased to 99.5mm but the stroke remained at 96mm. It was available as TB45S (with carburettor and electronic ignition) or TB45E (with electronic fuel injection and electronic ignition).
200 PS (147 kW; 197 bhp) @ 4400 rpm
35.5 kg·m (348 N·m; 257 lb·ft) @ 3600 rpm

173 PS (127 kW; 171 bhp) @ 4400 rpm
32.0 kg·m (314 N·m; 231 lb·ft) @ 3600 rpm


In 2001 the TB48 surfaced, with 99.5mm bore, 102mm stroke and double overhead camshaft. Shadowing the mainstream TB42/45 they were released as plain engines, which has seen them used in forklifts etc.
DOHC & variable valve timing
280 PS (206 kW; 276 bhp) @ 4200 rpm
40.8 kg·m (400 N·m; 295 lb·ft) @ 3200 rpm

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