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Dr Nitin Raut is the present Cabinet Minister of Employment Guarantee and Water Conservation in the Government of Maharashtra in India.[1] He is leader from the Indian National Congress Party.

Nitin Raut

Political career[edit]

He is elected as member of Maharashtra Legislative Assembly from Nagpur North constituency, in Nagpur district in October 2009.[2]

He was also MLA from Nagpur North during 2004 [3] and 1999 elections.[4]

He is currently serving as a Maharashtra Cabinet Minister for Employment Guarantee Scheme and Water Conservation

During his tenure, Nitin Raut has published books and also won awards for his contribution to his field.

Apart from politics, his other interests involve social work; which he carries out through an NGO, Sankalp.

Preceded by
Minister of Animal Husbandry
7 November 2009 –
Succeeded by

Educational Qualifications[edit]

Nitin Raut has the 10 fail He is also a certified Commercial Pilot.

Positions Held during his Political Tenure[edit]

Nitin Raut has been a leader with the Congress Party for the last 40 years.

He has been serving as the Vice President of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee for almost a decade, since 2001.

Before this he has served as the General Secretary Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee.

Apart from holding these posts, Nitin Raut is and has been an active member of the Core Group and Media Committee of the Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee

His role in politics at a national level has seen Nitin Raut serve as a member of the All India Congress Committee since 2001.

He has been an observer, on behalf of the All India Congress Committee, for the Assembly Elections in other states like Gujarat, West Bengal, Jharkhand, Goa, Punjab, Jammu and Kashmir for a number of years.

Participation in International Tours and Seminars[edit]

Nitin Raut attended the International Conference on Human Rights: Indigenous People, organized by the United Nations, held in Geneva, Switzerland.

He was the chief guest for the 'International conference on Environment and Humanity' ECOREVOLUTION 2012 held at Colombo,Sri Lanka during 19 to 20 August 2012, where he was instrumental in propounding the 'Colombo Declaration 2012'.

He went to Vancouver, Canada for the International Conference on Social Justice and Transformation

He has also gone for legislative study tours to Australia, Singapore, New Zealand

Books and Publications[edit]

Buddhist Marriage and Succession Act, 2007

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar's views on Birth Control and its Relevance with Modern India

Buddhism and Dalit: Social Philosophy and Tradition

Social Work[edit]

Nitin Raut carries out social work through 'Sankalp', an NGO that works for upliftment of Dalits and downtrodden people. It also provides relief to victims of natural and man-made calamities like floods, communal riots, and others.


Selected for 'Man of the Year' award 2002 by American Biographical Society, USA

Vijay Ratna Puraskar from A.I, Bhikkhu Sangha, in 2009


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