Nitocris I (Divine Adoratrice)

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Nitocris I
God's Wife of Amun
Divine Adoratrice of Amun
Karnak Nitocris I.jpg
Relief of the Divine Adoratice Nitocris I from her Karnak chapel
Issue None
Full name
Nitocris I
Dynasty 26th Dynasty of Egypt
Father Psamtik I
Mother Mehytenweskhet C
Died Thebes
Burial Medinet Habu
Religion Ancient Egyptian religion

Nitocris I (alt. Nitiqret, Nitokris I) (died 585 BC) served as the heir to and then the Divine Adoratrice of Amun or God's Wife of Amun for a period of over seventy years, between 655 BC and 585 BC.[1] She was the daughter of the Saite Period twenty-sixth dynasty Egyptian king Psamtik I. Psamtik I dispatched a powerful naval fleet in March 656 BC to Thebes and compelled the serving God's Wife of Amun Shepenupet II, a daughter of Piye to adopt his daughter Nitocris I as her heir to this office in the well known Adoption Stela.[2] It is unknown at what date she actually assumed the office of Divine Adoratrice of Amun for herself but she served in this position until Year 4 of Apries in 585 BC.

Prior to her career in this office, the Assyrians had invaded Egypt in 671 BC, sacked Thebes and robbed its temples of their many treasures. When she was in her eighties, she adopted her great-niece Ankhnesneferibre,[3] the daughter of Psamtik II.

During her tenure, she was attested by several building works around Karnak, Luxor and Abydos.[4] She was buried in the grounds of Medinet-Habu[5] in a tomb chapel which "she shared with her natural mother and adoptive grandmother."[6] Her sarcophagus was reused in a Ptolemaic tomb at Deir el-Medina, and is today located in the Cairo Museum.[7]

Preceded by
Shepenwepet II
God's Wife of Amun
655–585 BCE
Succeeded by
Preceded by
Amenirdis II
Divine Adoratrice of Amun
656–586 BCE
Succeeded by


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