Nittany Mall

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Nittany Mall
Location State College, PA
Coordinates 40.832353, -77.799851
Address 2901 East College Ave., State College, PA 16801
Opening date January 1968
No. of stores and services 80+
No. of anchor tenants 4
Total retail floor area 532,160 square feet (49,439 m2)[1]
No. of floors 1

Nittany Mall is an enclosed regional shopping mall in State College, Pennsylvania. It is located at the intersections of Route 150 and Route 26, one mile off the I-99 corridor. The mall is noteworthy because it is the only enclosed shopping mall in the State College region. It is uniquely situated within four miles of the Pennsylvania State University, allowing the mall to attract both the area resident as well as young, affluent college students.


The Nittany Mall first opened in January 1968 and has been home to a variety of retail and eating establishments since. The mall originally had just two anchors (Grants and Penn Traffic) and approximately 30 smaller stores. Its first expansion in the early 1970s included the addition of a Sears store, which remains one of the anchors today, and over a dozen other smaller stores.[2] The Grants store later became Gee Bee, and then Value City before being torn down for the construction of a new Kaufmann's (now Macy's) department store. Penn Traffic became Hess's and is now occupied by The Bon-Ton. Today, the mall has over 532,000 square feet of retail space with more than 80 stores and services including four anchors.

Despite various proposals over the years for other enclosed shopping malls to be built in the area, the Nittany Mall remains the only one in the region. It is currently owned and managed by the Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust which merged with Crown American Realty Trust, the mall's previous owner, in 2003.

Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust announced on Sept. 9 that it sold the Nittany Mall, as well as Hanover's North Hanover Mall, for a combined $32.3 million. The name of the buyer was not immediately available, and a trust spokesperson was not available for comment. Pennsylvania Real Estate Investment Trust owns and manages malls in 12 states in the eastern United States. It sold the Nittany Mall as part of a portfolio-improvement initiative it launched in 2012, which involved selling underperforming properties.[3] The Nittany Mall and the other targeted properties "generally lag" the company's average sales of $377 per square foot and have less than average store occupancy.[4]


The mall's four current anchor stores account for nearly 60% of the total retail space.


  • The Bon-Ton - 60,200 square feet (5,593 m2)
  • Macy's - 95,000 square feet (8,826 m2)
  • JCPenney - 62,905 square feet (5,844 m2)
  • Sears - 82,944 square feet (7,706 m2)


  • Kaufmann's (1999-2006) - replaced by Macy's
  • Value City (1992-1997) - razed to make room for the new Kaufmann's
  • Hess's (1982-1994) - replaced by The Bon-Ton
  • Gee Bee (1976-1992) - replaced by Value City
  • Penn Traffic (1968-1982) - replaced by Hess's
  • Grants (1968-1976) - replaced by Gee Bee

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