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Nix is a water creature in German and Scandinavian folklore.

Nix may also refer to:


  • Bern Nix, U.S. jazz guitarist
  • Buddy Nix, American football coach, scout and current General Manager of the Buffalo Bills
  • Don Nix, U.S. songwriter, composer, arranger, musician, and author
  • Dyron Nix (born 1967), former American professional basketball player
  • Enoch T. Nix (1920–2001), Louisiana banker and member/president of the state board of education
  • Garth Nix (born 1963), Australian author of young adult fantasy novels
  • James R. Nix, director of the Ellen G. White Estate since 2000
  • J. Kelly Nix (born 1934), Louisiana politician and businessman
  • Kirksey Nix, reputedly the leader of the Dixie Mafia
  • Kyle Nix (born 1986), Australian-born English footballer
  • Laynce Nix (born 1980), U.S. Major League Baseball outfielder
  • Matt Nix (born 1971), U.S. writer, producer, and director, known for creating Burn Notice
  • Peter Nix, English footballer, father of Kyle Nix
  • Robert N. C. Nix, Jr. (1928–2003), U.S. Chief Justice of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court from 1984 to 1996
  • Robert N.C. Nix, Sr. (1897–1987), first African American to represent Pennsylvania in the House of Representatives
  • Walter Nix, involved in a McDonalds dispute
  • Wendi Nix (born 1974), ESPN analyst
  • Willie Nix (d. 1991), Blues drummer active in Memphis, Tennessee in the 1940s and 1950s
  • Nix, an evil cult leader portrayed in the movie Lord of Illusions
  • Nix, a supporting character in the video game Infamous 2.


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