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Nixor College
Karachi, Sindh
Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan Pakistan
Type Coeducational, independent, selective
Established 2008
Dean Nadeem Ghani
Director Nasir Ghani
Age 16 to 19
Enrollment 1000+
Average class size circa 50
Campus C-59 Khayaban-e-Shaheen, Phase VI, DHA, Karachi, Pakistan
Houses Tiger Sharks
Leopard Sharks
Colour(s) White and Red


Mascot Shark
Affiliation British Council
The College Board

Sindh Board of Education

Alumni Sharks

Nixor College is a sixth form/Junior College in Karachi, Pakistan. It was founded in 2008 by Nasir Ghani along with a group of teachers and is situated in D.H.A., an up-scale residential area of Karachi. Nixor College is an independent English-medium school for GCE A Levels.

Nixor is renown for its technological integration into their infrastructure and its focus on the extra-curricular activities it provides. The college follows a system of I.D. Card scanning in which attendance is marked by scanning in each respective classroom, as well as an electronic money transaction system in which the student's ID card holds balance.


The admission process of Nixor requires students who wish to apply early to fill out an online form with a personal essay on a topic after which follows an interview. From then students are either selected or given conditional offers. Students can also apply after finishing O'levels within a certain time limit based on availability.


Nixor offers a wide range of subjects: Accounts, Art, Biology, Business Studies, Chemistry, Economics, Further Mathematics, General Studies, Geography, Law, Literature, Mathematics, Media Studies, Physics, Psychology, Sociology, Urdu, and World History. It has a strict no external tuition policy, which is largely unenforced. It also provides accelerated A level courses in which a course of a two-year syllabus is completed in one.

Financial Aid[edit]

Fully capable and well talented students that have financial drawback are offered merit-based and need based scholarships, which is split-ted into four categories (Leadership, Academics, Sports or just plain need-based). Those academically strong may have to show academic excellence with exceptional transcripts. Those who have leadership skills may have to show proof of being the head boy/head girl/or president of student council from their previous school. Finally those who are experience in sports or have talent must show their track record.

Extra-Curricular Activities[edit]

Nixor College gives students many choices for E.C.As ranging from Debating to Sports. Apart from its faculty taught classes, Nixor has a Teaching Assistance Program which helps develop academic proficiency in its students through peer-instruction.[1] A well known number of programs attract students in its emphasis on extra curricular activities, chief among them being Nixor Student Government and the Nixor Corporate segments. In Nixor Student Government, one of the aspects students are responsible for is managing the school cafeteria, and hire, manage, train, and fire their own staff and vendors. Students also determine their own menus and items to carry, running the cafeteria and its extensions like a corporate business with complete accountability (although Nixor Studio faced no repercussions for delaying the picture book for several months). The income from these efforts goes into the Nixor Student Government's account, and enables the vibrant student government enact programs like, schooling for illiterates, facilitation of orphans and home building programs for victims of calamities and natural disasters.


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