Nkhata Bay District

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Location of Nkhata Bay District in Malawi

Nkhata Bay is a district in the Northern Region of Malawi. The capital is Nkhata Bay. The district covers an area of 4,071 km.² and has a population of 164,761.

Nkhata Bay District houses the charity group Ripple Africa in Mwaya and the charity Temwa, [1] in Usisya.

Lake Malawi at Nkhata Bay
Nkhata Bay District, North of Nkhata Bay

Coordinates: 11°30′S 34°00′E / 11.500°S 34.000°E / -11.500; 34.000


CULTURE Nkhata Bay is populated by the Tonga. However some parts like Usisya have Tumbuka people. The predominant language is Chitonga. Other languages like Chitumbuka, Chichewa, Khobwe, English and kiyankhonde are also spoken. The people of Nkhata Bay have several dances that they play according to seasons. Some of the dominant cultural dances are Malipenga (men), Chilimika (women) and Honala. These dances are devoid of a religious attachment. They are danced for entertainment.

ECONOMY Nkhata Bay is one of the poorest districts in Malawi. The majority of the people in the district are agriculturalists growing cassava, which is their staple food. Apart from cassava they also grow groundnuts, bananas, maize, pigeon peas and millet. The people along the lake earn their living through fishing. They catch usipa, batala, utaka, bombe among others. Very few of the populace are in wage employment at Chombe and Vizara where tea and rubber are cultivated. Most of the times, 80% of the male active population goes to work in other countries such as Tanzania and South Africa. NOTABLE FIGURES Edgar Ching'oli Chirwa- Architect of the famous and popular Malawi Congress Party Kanyama Chiume, one of the intellect who at some point was Minister of Education and made strides to improve the Malawi Education Curriculum Yesaya Zelenji Mwase, father and founder of the Blackman's Church of African Presbytery now changed to Church of Africa Presbytery with Ching'oma as his church's headquarters. Great Angels Choir is a daughter of this church but is based in Lilongwe with Rev. Zonda as its current General Secretary. Has the biggest martyrs for free Malawi from colonialism and were massacred at Nkhata Bay Jetty on the 3rd of March, 1959 under the authority of District Commissioner John Bloke who later relocated to Nairobi in Kenya and engaged himself in tea growing. Manowa Chirwa Nkhata Bay much known by European tourists and regard it as Switzerland of Malawi due to its mild to moist weather pattern coupled with hilly topographical stratum. Aleke Kadonaphani Banda-one of the district's most popular politician. Regarded as the most industrious politician during his time. Was the district's most youngest person to go into journalism and is the brainchild of Blantyre Newspapers which came after Nyasaland Times. Has done alot to Malawi's political front,business, journalism, government administration, etc, etc.


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