No Dream Impossible

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United Kingdom "No Dream Impossible"
Eurovision Song Contest 2001 entry
Country United Kingdom
Artist(s) Lindsay Dracass
Language English
Composer(s) Russ Ballard, Chris Winter
Lyricist(s) Russ Ballard, Chris Winter
Finals performance
Final result 15th
Final points 28
Appearance chronology
◄ "Don't Play That Song Again" (2000)   
"Come Back" (2002) ►

"No Dream Impossible" was the United Kingdom entry for the Eurovision Song Contest 2001, written by Russ Ballard and Chris Winter and performed by Lindsay Dracass.

The song was performed 16th on the night of the contest, following Turkey's Sedat Yüce with "Sevgiliye son" and preceding Slovenia's Nuša Derenda with "Energy". The song received 28 points, placing 15th in a field of 23.

The song, which reached #32 on the UK singles chart,[1] was succeeded as UK entry at the 2002 contest by Jessica Garlick with "Come Back".


Preceded by
"Don't Play That Song Again"
by Nicki French
United Kingdom in the Eurovision Song Contest
Succeeded by
"Come Back"
by Jessica Garlick