No Going Back (Johnny Coppin album)

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No Going Back
Studio album by Johnny Coppin
Released 1979
Recorded Summer 1979
Genre Folk rock
Label Rola Records
Producer Johnny Coppin

No Going Back is a folk/rock album by Johnny Coppin released in 1979, his second solo album.

The album was produced by Johnny Coppin and engineered by John Acock and Mick Dolan. It was recorded at Millstream Studios, Cheltenham during the summer of 1979. It includes contributions from Coppin's road band members of the time, plus guests including former Decameron colleague Dik Cadbury.

No Going Back was originally released by Rola Records as a vinyl LP, catalogue number R002 with sleeve artwork by Tony Price Studios and photography by Kenneth Griffiths. It has never been released on CD, though some tracks have appeared on subsequent Coppin compilations.

Track listing[edit]

(All composed by Johnny Coppin)

  1. "No Going Back"
  2. "Can You Feel It"
  3. "Young Girl Town"
  4. "Falling For You"
  5. "Run To Her"
  6. "Part In My Heart"
  7. "Believe In You"
  8. "Birmingham"
  9. "He Will Let You Know"
  10. "We Shall Not Pass"


  • Johnny Coppin - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
  • Phil Beer - violin, guitar, vocals
  • Tony Bennett - lead guitar, Spanish guitar, vocals
  • Mick Candler - drums, percussion, vocals
  • Steve Hutt - bassguitar, vocals


  • Mick Dolan - guitar
  • Pete 'Bimbo' Acock - sax
  • Chris Richardson - keyboards
  • Anthony Head - backing vocals
  • Regine Candler - backing vocals
  • Gilly Elkins - backing vocals
  • Gilly Darby - backing vocals
  • Dik Cadbury - backing vocals