No My Darling Daughter

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No My Darling Daughter
Directed by Ralph Thomas
Produced by Betty E. Box
Written by Kay Bannerman (play)
Harold Brooke (play)
Frank Harvey
Starring Michael Redgrave
Michael Craig
Roger Livesey
James Westmoreland
Juliet Mills
Release date(s) March 27, 1964 (US)
Running time 97 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

No My Darling Daughter is a 1961 British comedy film directed by Ralph Thomas and featuring Michael Redgrave, Michael Craig, Roger Livesey, James Westmoreland, and Juliet Mills. It was based on the play Handful of Tansy by Kay Bannerman and Harold Brooke.


Wealthy businessman and single parent Sir Michael Carr (Michael Redgrave) does not know how to deal with his daughter Tansy (Juliet Mills), at that awkward age between teenager and adult. His close friend and employee ex-General Henry Barclay (Roger Livesey) has the same kind of problem with his son. Thomas Barclay (Michael Craig) left the military and has now tendered his resignation from Carr's automobile company.

Tansy chances to meet American Cornelius Allingham (James Westmoreland) at her father's office. The two teens soon become inseparable friends; she shows him around London, with her father blithely unaware of the relationship. When Carr has to go on a business trip to New York, he sends Tansy along with General Barclay on his fishing vacation in Scotland. She secretly arranges for Cornelius to meet her there. The two see the sights on his motor scooter and eventually go camping together (he sleeps outside the tent), without informing anyone. When Carr realises his daughter is missing, he finds some photographs of Cornelius, assumes the worst, and gets the police to initiate a nation-wide manhunt.

Thomas, who had earlier resented having to get Tansy out of her various scrapes, uses his army training and tracks the pair down. He sneaks up, knocks Cornelius out, and takes a resisting Tansy back to London.

When Cornelius wakes up, he discovers he is wanted by the police. He turns himself in to Carr, then reveals that he is the millionaire son of Carr's business associate and that he holds a sizable number of shares in Carr's own company. Relieved that his daughter hadn't been seduced by a fortune hunter, Carr gives his blessing to their marriage. However, Thomas discovers that he is in love with Tansy; when he kisses her, she realizes she feels the same about him and they elope. General Barclay is furious at first, having gone to great lengths to arrange the wedding, until Carr reminds him that this was what they had hoped for.


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