No Parking Meters Party

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No Parking Meters Party
Leader Charles Matthews
Headquarters Randwick, New South Wales
Ideology Anti-taxation, consumer rights

The No Parking Meters Party is a minor Australian political party. The party is registered with the New South Wales Electoral Commission to contest state and local council elections—and has.

The party has a representative on the City of Randwick, its founder, Charles Matthews.[1] Matthews served on the Randwick council from 1977 to 2004, and was again elected in 2008. He served as the city's first mayor following its incorporation from 1990-1991.[2][3] It contested the New South Wales state election, 2011.

The party was founded in February 2006[4] as a single-issue party,[5] seeing parking meters as "an extra tax on the family car".[6] However, they now have broader policies: opposing tolls, pokie taxes, and red tape, among others.[7] However the party supports the proposal by Randwick councillor and party member Charles Matthews to impose a $50 registration fee on bicycle riders, which would be used to help fund cycleways being built by the council,[8] it was rejected by other councillors.[9]


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