No Regrets (Faye Wong album)

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No Regrets
Studio album by Faye Wong
Released February 1993
Genre Cantopop
Label Cinepoly
Faye Wong chronology
Coming Home
No Regrets
100,000 Whys
No Regrets
Chinese 執迷不悔

No Regrets,[1][2][3] also translated Stubborn and Regretless[4] and Never Deplore,[5] is the translated title of a 1993 Cantonese album recorded by Chinese Cantopop singer Faye Wong when she was based in Hong Kong.[6] The title track was released in both Cantonese and Mandarin.

By the time of the album's release, Wong was already established a substantial fanbase in Hong Kong. She wrote the Mandarin lyrics for the ballad "No Regrets", released as a hit single. The similarly titled album was released in February 1993 and became an instant best-seller. Although the songs were mostly soft contemporary arrangements, a popular style in Hong Kong, it also had a few dance songs and two versions of the title track: Wong's Mandarin song, and the other with Cantonese lyrics by Chen Shao Qi (the Mandarin version is by far the more popular one).

Track listing[edit]

  1. 紅粉菲菲 (Hung Fan Fei Fei) - Faye's Rouge
  2. 執迷不悔 (Zhi Mi Bu Hui) - No Regrets/Stubborn and Regretless (Mandarin version)
  3. 可愛眼睛 (Ho Oi Ngaan Zing) - Charming Eyes
  4. 季候風 (Gwai Hau Fung) - Monsoon
  5. 不再兒嬉 (Bat Zoi Ji Hei) - No More Games
  6. 我永遠珍惜你我 (Ngo Wing Jyun Zan Sik Nei Ngo) - I will Always Cherish You
  7. 情敵 (Cing Dik) - Rival
  8. 從明日開始 (Cung Ming Jat Hoi Ci) - We'll Begin Tomorrow
  9. 夜半醉 (Je Bun Zeoi) - Half-boozed Night
  10. 執迷不悔 (Zap Mai Bat Fui) - No Regrets


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