No Road Back

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No Road Back
Directed by Montgomery Tully
Written by Falkland L. Cary,
Charles Leeds
Starring Skip Homeier,
Sean Connery
Release dates
Running time
83 min.
Country  United Kingdom
Language English

No Road Back is a 1957 British B picture crime drama, notable mainly for being the first major film role for future filmstar Sean Connery. Connery's role is that of a minor gangster, Spike, who has a speech impediment.



  • During filming, Connery was encouraged by fellow members of the cast to complain to the film's director, Montgomery Tully, about his character's stutter. Not realising it was a practical joke, Tully apparently himself suffered from a similar handicap, and berated the young actor by allegedly replying, "Who the f-f-fuck do you think you are, L-L-Larry Olivier?"

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