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Noam Federman (born October 25, 1969 in Jerusalem) is a religious right-wing[1] Israeli Jew in Hebron and a former leader of the Kach Party which he has been involved with since he was 14. He has been held in administrative detention several times.[2][3][4] Federman hosts a weekly Internet program called "Federman Without Censor". It can be heard on the Hebrew section of the Jewish Task Force's website. JTF funds his political activities in Israel.[5]


Noam Federman's father, David Federman, a Lehi fighter was arrested by the British during the League of Nations Mandate and deported to Ethiopia for his Jewish nationalist ideas, where he shared a cell with Yitzhak Shamir, a future prime minister. In 2002, his brother, Eli Federman, while on duty as a security guard outside a Tel Aviv nightclub, shot and killed a suicide car bomber just seconds before he could drive his vehicle into the crowded club, preventing many deaths.[3]

In 2002, Federman was accused of providing the explosives used in an attempt to blow up an Arab girls school in East Jerusalem, arrested and put under house arrest for over half a year.[6] All charges were later dropped, Federman was acquitted and he successfully sued the state for false arrest.[7] He was in the news recently after his home and farm, which he had built without a building permit, near Kiryat Arba and Hebron was torn down in the middle of the night.[8]

In November 2005, the Israeli Ministry of Justice expressed its intention to review Federman's application to be licensed as an attorney, claiming that a person with a past as rich with disturbing the peace as his may not be eligible for a license. Federman, addressing the ministry's comment to the press, replied that it was in pattern with the courts' and prosecutor's offices past restrictive behavior towards him that they would now seek to bar him from acquiring the title he worked for as a law student.

Federman is married to Elisheva. They have 9 children.


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