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The Nobel Charitable Trust (NCT) is a charity set up by some members of the Swedish Nobel family, i.e. descendants of Ludvig Nobel. Its founders are Michael Nobel, Gustaf Nobel, Philip Nobel, and Peter Nobel-Oleinikoff serves as a senior adviser. The trust has announced its intention to award its own prizes.

The Chairman of the Nobel Charitable Trust is Gustaf Nobel.

Michael Nobel Energy Award[edit]

The Michael Nobel Energy Award is a proposed award, to be awarded to "scientists and/or institutions who have made important discoveries in the renewable energy field or whose discoveries could lead to reduction in pollution and global warming".[1] It will be the first new Nobel prize to be established by the Nobel family since Alfred Nobel established his prizes in 1895 (they were first awarded six years later).

The plan was announced at nanoTX 07. The Nobel Foundation quickly reacted by threatening legal action for "clear misuse of the reputation and goodwill of the Nobel Prize and the associations of integrity and eminence that has been created over time and through the efforts of the Nobel Committees".[2] The Director, Michael Sohlman, of the Nobel Foundation and the elected head of the Nobel family disapproved to the institution of the so-called 'Dr. Michael Nobel Award' as well as the Nobel Charitable Trust (NCT) and Nobel Family Benevolent society.[3]