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Noble Leslie DeVotie (January 24, 1838 – February 12, 1861) was the main contributing founder of Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity. DeVotie is often credited with writing the Ritual, creating The Grip, and the name of the fraternity. Because of these important contributions he is viewed by the fraternity as the most influential of the founding fathers. He drowned on February 12, 1861, while on duty as chaplain of the Alabama troops. He was 23 at the time of his death. As he was about to board a steamer at Fort Morgan, Alabama, he made a misstep and fell into the water. Three days later his body was washed ashore. He was the first man to lose his life in the Civil War.[1][2] Even though the Civil War did not begin until April 12, 1861, Alabama had seceded from the Union in January, hence the reason for his being the first casualty.


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