Nobuaki Kakuda

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Nobuaki Kakuda
Born (1961-04-11) April 11, 1961 (age 54)
Sakai, Osaka, Japan
Native name 角田信朗
Nationality Japan Japanese
Height 1.74 m (5 ft 9 in)
Weight 208 lb (94 kg; 14.9 st)
Division Heavyweight
Style Seidokaikan Karate
Rank      black belt in Seidokaikan
Years active 1994–2005
Kickboxing record
Total 20
Wins 11
By knockout 5
Losses 8
By knockout 4
Draws 1
Other information
Occupation Karateka, singer, voice actor, referee

Nobuaki Kakuda (角田信朗 Kakuda Nobuaki?, born April 11, 1961 in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture) is a Japanese Seidokaikan Karateka.


Kakuda is famous for his first punch knockout win over German mixed martial artist Mavrick at 0:56 seconds in the K-1 Fields Europe GP 2005 as well as being the only K-1 fighter to lose to Akebono, a former Sumo wrestler whose long losing streak has made him a laughing stock of martial arts. He is also one of the K-1 organization's regents. At the time of his retirement, he was the oldest and shortest (174 cm) participant in the K-1 tournaments.

After working as a referee-in-charge and ringside judge in K-1 events, Kakuda had also served as an executive producer for K-1 under Fighting and Entertainment Group.

Personal life[edit]

Kakuda was born in Sakai, Osaka Prefecture. He named his son Kenshiro (賢士朗) and daughter Yuria (友里亜) after characters from Fist of the North Star.


  • 1988 Satojyuku POINT & KO Japan Open Tournament runner-up
  • 1999 Satojyuku POINT & KO Japan Open Tournament runner-up
  • The 7th Kyokushin Weight Category Karate Tournament Heavyweight 4th Place

Kickboxing record[edit]

11 Wins (5 KOs), 8 Losses, 1 Draw
Date Result Opponent Event Method Round Time Location
September 23, 2005 Loss Australia George Longinidis K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in Osaka – Final Elimination Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00 Japan Osaka, Japan
May 27, 2005 Win Germany Mavrick K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in Paris KO (Punch) 1 0:56 France Paris, France
March 19, 2005 Loss Japan Akebono K-1 World Grand Prix 2005 in Seoul Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00 South Korea Seoul, South Korea
August 15, 2003 Loss Japan Musashi K-1 World Grand Prix 2003 in Las Vegas Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00 United States Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
August 19, 2001 Win Brazil Baboo Da Silva K-1 Andy Memorial 2001 Japan GP Final Decision (Unanimous) 3 3:00 Japan Saitama, Japan
January 30, 2001 Draw Japan Ryushi Yanagisawa K-1 Rising 2001 Draw 3 3:00 Japan Matsuyama, Japan
March 19, 2000 Win Japan Hiroki Kurosawa K-1 Burning 2000 TKO (Right Hook, 3 Knockdowns) 1 1:53 Japan Yokohama, Japan
June 6, 1999 Win Scotland Duncan Airlie James K-1 Survival '99 Decision (Unanimous) 5 3:00 Japan Sapporo, Japan
October 28, 1998 Win United States Bart Vale K-1 Japan '98 Kamikaze TKO (Doctor Stoppage) 1 2:09 Japan Tokyo, Japan
July 20, 1997 Win Japan Ryuji Murakami K-1 Dream '97 Decision (Unanimous) 5 3:00 Japan Nagoya, Japan
April 29, 1997 Loss Thailand Changpuek Kiatsongrit K-1 Braves '97 Decision (Unanimous) 5 3:00 Japan Fukuoka, Japan
December 8, 1996 Win Japan Tsutomu Ueda K-1 Hercules '96 KO (Right Hook) 1 1:50 Japan Nagoya, Japan
September 1, 1996 Win United States Zane Frazier K-1 Revenge '96 Decision (Unanimous) 5 3:00 Japan Osaka, Japan
December 9, 1995 Win Australia Joe Sayah (Bruce "Dragon" Joe) K-1 Hercules KO (Punch) 1 1:25 Japan Nagoya, Japan
October 8, 1995 Win Japan Nobuhiro Kikuchi KO 1 -
September 3, 1995 Loss Australia Stan Longinidis K-1 Revenge II KO (Kick) 2 3:05 Japan Yokohama, Japan
July 16, 1995 Win United States Joe Son K-3 Grand Prix '95 KO (Punch) 1 1:40 Japan Nagoya, Japan
October 3, 1994 Loss England Michael Thompson KO - -
June 25, 1994 Loss England Michael Thompson KO 1 -
April 30, 1993 Loss Switzerland Andy Hug K-1 Grand Prix '93 KO (Left Knee Strike) 2 1:26 Japan Tokyo, Japan


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