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Noddy may refer to:

  • Noddy (TV series), a PBS Kids program that ran from 1998–2000
  • Noddy (card game), a 16th-century English ancestor of cribbage
  • Noddy (tern), several species of tropical seabirds of the family Sternidae in the genera Anous, Procelsterna, and Gygis
  • Noddy (TV interview technique), a production technique used to create the illusion of a seamless dialogue
  • Noddy, an application for the Memotech MTX series of microcomputers
  • Noddy suit, nickname for a type of NBC suit with a pointed hood used by the British Armed Forces
  • NODDY, codename for a British Secret Intelligence Service operation to penetrate the Polish security establishment in the early 1960s
  • Swastikas for Noddy, an album by English band Current 93

Fictional characters[edit]


  • Noddy, nickname of Australian rugby league player Brett Kimmorley
  • Noddy Holder, English musician and actor, best known as vocalist and guitarist with Slade
  • Noddy, slang term in business for a non-executive director who's sole purpose on the board is to nod or vote yes to executive board decisions. Particularly relating to the remuneration of board directors. Noddy - a yes voting non-executive director.


  • Noddy, a small, usually two-wheeled, one-horse hackney carriage formerly used in Ireland and Scotland
  • Noddy bike, nickname for the Velocette LE motorcycles formerly used by the British police
  • Noddy (log canoe), listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985