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Noel Alpins is an Australian ophthalmologist who developed the Alpins Method of astigmatism analysis used in refractive, corneal, and cataract surgery. Alpins has obtained a number of patents on the method;[1] these patents are programmed into a commercially available ophthalmic surgical analysis system, called ASSORT[2][3] (Alpins Statistical System for Ophthalmic Refractive Surgery Techniques), designed to help plan and analyze the results of refractive, corneal, and cataract surgical procedures,[4][5] and also underpin astigmatism analysis approaches developed by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) Astigmatism Project Group.[6][7] Alpins' most recent publication (with Stamatelatos) introduces a widely hailed technique known as CorT.[8]

Noel Alpins, MD

Professional honors and achievements[edit]

Alpins has published many articles in the peer-reviewed literature.[9][10] He is well known in his field throughout the world, serving on the editorial boards of a number of ophthalmic publications, such as the Journal of Cataract and Refractive Surgery, EuroTimes, Ocular Surgery News, and the Journal of the Indian Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society.[11][12][13] In addition to publishing often in these periodicals, he has authored many book chapters.

Alpins is a prominent figure in Australia, serving as an ambassador to the Annual Australia Day since 2011.[14] Australia Day honors those who have made significant contributions to the nation.[15]

Alpins has specialized in cataract and refractive surgery since founding NewVision Clinics in Melbourne, Australia, in 1996.[16] He speaks widely on surgical techniques at national and international meetings and has been a keynote speaker and chair on many occasions. Alpins was the invited Council Lecturer at the 2010 Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Ophthalmologists (RANZCO) annual scientific meeting in Adelaide, which was established to honor Fellows engaged in original work, and who could provide the group with an authoritative and distinguished paper on a subject of special knowledge.[17] Alpins also was the recipient of the 2012 International Society of Refractive Surgery (ISRS) and American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) Lans Distinguished Award in Chicago.[18] The award honors Dr. Leedert J. Lans, and is presented annually to an individual who has made innovative contributions to the field of refractive surgery, especially in the correction of astigmatism.[18] In 2014, Alpins was honored with the ISRS Lifetime Achievement Award.[19] Alpins pioneered small-incision cataract surgery in Victoria and is a founder and current member of the Excimer Laser & Research Group.[14]

Alpins is on the international advisory board for Refractive Surgery in China and is also an international council member of the ISRS of the AAO.

Education, fellowships, and memberships[edit]

Alpins serves on the RANZCO program committee. In addition to his many writings and lectures, he continues to investigate the vector analytic approach to astigmatism analysis that he pioneered. He is involved in ongoing clinical research in this area.

His training is summarized below:

Medical degree (MB, BS): University of Melbourne, 1970

Diploma of Ophthalmology: University of Melbourne, 1977

Residency: Alfred Hospital, Australia, 1971-1972

Fellowships and certifications: Ophthalmology Registrar, Royal Victoria Eye & Ear Hospital, Australia, 1974–77; Fellow, RANZCO, 1978; Fellow, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons,[20] 1978; Fellow, American College of Surgeons, 1985; Fellow, Royal College of Ophthalmologists (UK), 1989; Fellow, American Board of Eye Surgery, 2005; Honorary Senior Fellow, Melbourne University Department of Ophthalmology, 2013.

Memberships: International Intra-ocular Implant Club; American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons; European Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgeons; International Society of Refractive Surgery; American Academy of Ophthalmology; and the Australian Medical Association

Personal life[edit]

Alpins and his wife, Sylvia, have three daughters: Fiona, a barrister;[21] Vanessa,[22] a commercial and contracts finance manager; and Martine, the national communications director at Coles Pty. Ltd.[23]

When Alpins is not practicing ophthalmology, he enjoys playing golf, skiing, going to live entertainment, and spending time with Sylvia and his daughters.


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