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Noel Fitzpatick (born 1967[1]) is a pioneering Irish neuro-orthopaedic veterinary surgeon. He currently operates a veterinary referral center of some 100 employees, called Fitzpatrick Referrals, in Eashing, Surrey, England.[2][3][4] In 2009 he became the first surgeon in the world to successfully apply a cutting edge amputation prosthesis to a cat named Oscar from Jersey who had lost both its feet in an accident with a combine harvester.[5]


Professor Noel Fitzpatrick, originally from Laois, Ireland, obtained his Batchelor of Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin in 1990. Following scholarships at The University of Pennsylvania and The University of Ghent, he went on to complete the RCVS Certificates in small animal orthopaedics and radiology prior to founding Fitzpatrick Referrals in 1997. In 2013 Noel was awarded the RCVS Diploma in Small Animal Orthopaedics and the ACVSMR Diploma in Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation.

Papers include the publication of a treatment algorithm for addressing elbow dysplasia and reporting the outcomes and complication rates in a series of over 1000 consecutive tibial plateau levelling osteotomies.[6] He has devised, tested and implemented more than twenty new procedures and implant systems in the past decade. These include new joint resurfacing and replacement technologies, techniques for growth deformity correction, limb amputation endo- and exo-prosthetics for limb salvage, metallic-tendon in-growth and fracture repair systems and implants for spinal fusion and disc replacement.

Noel is director of Fitzbionics, a company created to conceive, design, develop, manufacture, test and implement new implants for the alleviation of pain and suffering in animals. Implants are custom made by a group of dedicated researchers and bio-engineers for specific patients in need of a solution that doesn’t exist elsewhere.

He starred as vet Andrew Lawrence in ITV's Heartbeat (series 12, part 7) which was first broadcast in the UK on 24th November 2002.


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