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Noel Fitzpatrick
Born Martin Noel Fitzpatrick
(1967-12-13) 13 December 1967 (age 47)
Ballyfin, Co Laois, Ireland
Residence Guildford, Surrey, England
Nationality Irish
Fields Small animal Orthopaedics
Institutions Fitzpatrick Referrals
University of Surrey
University of Florida
Alma mater University College Dublin
Fitzpatrick Referrals

Professor Noel Fitzpatrick Duniv MVB CertVR DSAO ACVSMR MRCVS (born 13 December 1967)[1] is a pioneering Irish neuro-orthopaedic veterinary surgeon.

He currently operates a veterinary referral centre with more than 140 staff, called Fitzpatrick Referrals, based in Eashing, Surrey.[2][3][4] In 2009 he became the first surgeon in the world to successfully apply a cutting edge amputation prosthesis to a cat named Oscar from Jersey who had lost both its feet in an accident with a combine harvester.[5]

Noel appeared in the 2010 BBC series The Bionic Vet which featured some of his pioneering surgical work. Since 2014, he has appeared in the Channel 4 programme The Supervet.


Noel Fitzpatrick, originally from Ballyfin Co Laois in Ireland, obtained his Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine from University College Dublin in 1990. Following scholarships at the University of Pennsylvania and the University of Ghent, he went on to complete the RCVS Certificates in small animal orthopaedics and radiology prior to founding Fitzpatrick Referrals in 1997. Noel has also attained boarded specialist status by examination in both the USA and the UK, with the degrees of ACVSMR, American College of Veterinary Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation, and DSAS(Orth), the Diploma in Small Animal Surgery (Orthopaedics).

On Wednesday 24 June 2009, Noel Fitzpatrick was awarded an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Surrey in recognition of his outstanding contribution to the field of surgery and for pioneering the concept of 'One Medicine', the fusion of technologies advancing veterinary and human medicine in tandem.[6] The degree was conferred upon him by University of Surrey Pro-Chancellor and Actress Dame Penelope Keith. Noel is an Assistant Professor at the University of Florida School of Veterinary Medicine[7] and is the foundation Professor of Orthopaedics for the new Veterinary School of the University of Surrey.[8]

In November 2014 University College Dublin presented Noel Fitzpatrick with its inaugural alumni award in veterinary medicine as recognition of his revolutionary work in the treatment of small animals.[9]

Papers include the publication of a treatment algorithm for addressing elbow dysplasia[10] and reporting the outcomes and complication rates in a series of over 1000 consecutive tibial plateau levelling osteotomies.[11] He has devised, tested and implemented more than twenty new procedures and implant systems in the past decade.[citation needed] These include new joint resurfacing and replacement technologies, techniques for growth deformity correction, limb amputation endo- and exo-prosthetics for limb salvage, metallic-tendon in-growth and fracture repair systems and implants for spinal fusion and disc replacement.[citation needed]

Fitzpatrick is a director of Fitzbionics, a company created to conceive, design, develop, manufacture, test and implement new implants for the alleviation of pain and suffering in animals. Implants are custom made by a group of dedicated researchers and bio-engineers for specific patients in need of a solution that doesn’t exist elsewhere.[citation needed]

Early Life and Career[edit]

Noel Fitzpatrick grew up on a cattle and sheep farm in Ballyfin, Co Laois, Ireland. Son of farmer Sean Fitzpatrick and his wife Rita; Fitzpatrick has one brother and four sisters.[12] Educated at the Patrician college, Ballyfin; Fitzpatrick was bullied as he “could barely read and write” and his “only friends were dogs”.[13] Fitzpatrick went on to study veterinary medicine at University College Dublin, graduating in 1990. Upon graduating Fitzpatrick worked as a large-animal vet in Montmellick, Offaly and Dunmanway, West Cork, where he performed his first orthopaedic operation on a kitchen table. The patient was a dog suffering with a broken femur as a result of being kicked by a cow. Fitzpatrick splinted the fracture by building a Thomas extension splint from wire he found lying around the home.[14][15] In 1993 Fitzpatrick moved to Guildford, Surrey, UK to work in small animal practice, taking on orthopaedic referral cases from 1998 and setting up Fitzpatrick referrals in 2004.[15]

Fitzpatrick Referrals[edit]

Fitzpatrick Referrals is a multi-million pound state-of-the-art small animal referral practice located in a complex of converted farm buildings in Eashing, Surrey. Noel Fitzpatrick opened the practice in its current location in 2008 with the aim of providing the most advanced and innovative diagnostic and rehabilitation facilities for small animal Neurology, Orthopaedics, Oncology and Soft tissue medicine in the UK.[16] Fitzpatrick referrals was the focus of the BBC television documentary The Bionic Vet (2010) and the Channel 4 series The Supervet (2014 onwards). The practice currently employs eight clinicians who are supported by two surgical registrars, three residents, ten interns and over 100 nurses and kennel assistants.[17]

The practice comprises a main reception area, five consulting rooms, a sizeable prep room with two BMM Weston full vacuum autoclave machines, and three operating theatres. The main operating theatre boasts a Sony full HD microscopy camera and cyclops 360-degree camera, enabling operations to be broadcast live to the practice’s 52 seat lecture theatre. The second operating theatre has an integrated Storz arthroscopy system allowing minimally invasive ‘keyhole’ procedures to be performed. The practice also houses two Siemens imaging rooms containing an Emotion 6 slice CT scanner and MAGNETOM Symphony 1.5T MRI scanner.[18][19]

The main in-patient kennelling area has 19 walk in kennels with reinforced glass doors rather than bars to make it patients feel more at home. Every kennel has a radio and TV to further create a home-from-home experience. The wards have both underfloor heating and air conditioning and the walls are covered in a bacterial-resistant wipe-down covering. A separate wing houses the rehabilitation centre with its own reception area. There are two physiotherapy consulting rooms and a four-by-seven metre heated hydrotherapy pool.[18][19] Noel Fitzpatrick’s office has its own en-suit bedroom so that he can sleep at the practice. There is also a directors' meeting room, staff room and kitchen, laundry room, and even a staff gym.[19]

Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue service opened in October 2014 and is due to relocate to a new purpose-built treatment centre in Surrey Research Park, Guildford in September 2015. Veterinary Oncologist Professor Nick Bacon heads the new Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology and Soft Tissue service, holding the position of senior consultant and clinical director of Oncology and Soft Tissue.[20]

Fitzpatrick Referrals won the 2013 Daily Mirror and RSPCA Animal Hero Award in the Innovative Business category. Other Nominees were Sainsbury's supermarkets and Pet Blood Bank UK.[21][22] Fitzpatrick Referrals were also the winners of two 2011 Vet Marketing Awards for Innovation, picking up honours in the categories of Award for Science and Training Initiative.[23][24]


The Bionic Vet (2010)[edit]

Main article: The Bionic Vet

The 2010 BBC documentary television series The Bionic Vet followed the pioneering surgical work of vet Noel Fitzpatrick and his team at Fitzpatrick Referrals. The series saw Noel develop new methods and techniques - many of which had not been attempted before - to help pets with unique problems that would otherwise have left them with no other option then to be put to sleep. One such example being Oscar the Cat who underwent a pioneering operation to add prosthetic feet after his were lost in an accident.

The Supervet (2014–present)[edit]

Main article: The Supervet

Television cameras once again visited Fitzpatrick referrals in 2014 as Noel and his practice became the focus of the Channel 4 television series The Supervet. A second series aired in 2014, whilst a third series began in March 2015.

The Humanimal Trust[edit]

In May 2014, Noel Fitzpatrick set up the Humanimal Trust as a means to further promote and support the integration of new developments in veterinary and medical science and education, and to build a closer working relationship between vets and doctors. The Humanimal Trust states that it is the first such trust in the UK with the aim of advancing animal and human healthcare in tandem through shared ideas and technology, where both species truly benefit, not just humans benefiting at the expense of animals.[25]

Personal life[edit]

Fitzpatrick, a bachelor, has a house in Guildford, Surrey, although he chooses to sleep most nights at his referral practice.[26] He is reported to fancy actress Keira Knightley after whom he has named his pet border terrier. He refers to the dog as ‘my little furry wife’.[15] Fitzpatrick enjoys rock music and theatre and is an obsessive fan of the band U2.[27] He also likes to drive fast cars and famously had to sell his Aston Martin Vantage as the bank would not lend him the funds to hire another veterinary surgeon.[27] Fitzpatrick is a fan of Irish poetry and literature; he can recite verses from Oscar Wilde and Padraig Pearse by heart.[27]

Acting career[edit]

Noel Fitzpatrick holds a London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (LAMDA) qualification. He has starred in two episodes of ITV's Heartbeat; as vet Andrew Lawrence (Season 12, Episode 7) first broadcast in the UK on 24 November 2002[28] and as sheep rustler Gabriel (Season 9, Episode 16) broadcast on 9 January 2000 (series 12, part 7).[29] Noel once appeared in an episode of the long running BBC medical drama Casualty (2005),[30] on the same weekend that he also appeared in the factual TV series Wildlife SOS causing the BBC to receive complaints that the latter show included an actor who was pretending to be a vet!.[31] Noel has also starred in ITV series London's Burning (2001),[32] and two episodes of ITV's The Bill (1999; 2001).[33]

Noel's first film appearance was in horror film The Devil's Tattoo (2003) in which a group of Greenpeace activists plan to prevent an oil rig from being sunk, only to discover that they are not alone.[34] Fitzpatrick took the lead role in the film Live for the Moment (2004) in which he starred as drunk driver Dr David Fowler.[35] He has also starred as Inspector Beckett in the film Framed (2008) which tells the story of a young American academic at Oxford University.[36]


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