Noesis (online journal)

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Discipline Philosophy
Language English
Publication details
Publisher University of Evansville (United States)
Publication history 1998—present
Open access Yes

Noesis is a domain-specific search engine and open access journal for academic philosophy.[1] The current online version is a prototype release. Noesis may be treated as a sort of clearinghouse for scholarly e-journals in philosophy.[2][citation needed]

Noesis is currently undergoing development at Indiana University, thanks to a Digital Humanities Initiative of the National Endowment for the Humanities. Additional funding was provided by an Alumni Research and Scholarly Activity Fellowship and the Experiential and Collaborative Environment for Learning, University of Evansville. The editor in chief is Anthony Beavers (University of Evansville).[1]

Further reading[edit]

  • Beavers, Anthony, "Noesis and the encyclopedic internet vision" in Synthese, Volume 182, Issue 2 (September 2011), pp. 315—333. doi:10.1007/s11229-009-9663-0


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