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Nofaliya is located in Libya
Location in Libya
Coordinates: 30°46′59″N 17°49′59″E / 30.78306°N 17.83306°E / 30.78306; 17.83306Coordinates: 30°46′59″N 17°49′59″E / 30.78306°N 17.83306°E / 30.78306; 17.83306
Country  Libya
District Sirte
Time zone UTC + 2

Nofaliya or Nawfaliya (Arabic: النوفليةNawfalīyah) is a town in the desert in the Sirte District of Libya.

It is located in the former Bin Jawad District, around 20 km west of Bin Jawad and 15 km south east of ‘Uwayja.

During World War II it was the site of a brief skirmish in late 1942 when some of Erwin Rommel's retreating forces ran out of fuel.[1] At the time Nofaliya was home to small fort and a few Italian buildings in addition to a mosque, some shops and a school.[1]


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