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Nofekh is located in Israel
Coordinates: 32°2′39.84″N 34°55′13.44″E / 32.0444000°N 34.9204000°E / 32.0444000; 34.9204000Coordinates: 32°2′39.84″N 34°55′13.44″E / 32.0444000°N 34.9204000°E / 32.0444000; 34.9204000
Council Hevel Modi'in
Region Shephelah
Founded 1949
Founded by Moroccan immigrants

Nofekh (Hebrew: נֹפֶךְ, נופך) is a communal Israeli settlement in central Israel. Located in the Shephelah, it falls under the jurisdiction of Hevel Modi'in Regional Council. In 2006 it had a population of 371.

The village was established in 1949 on the land of the depopulated Palestinian village of Rantiya[1] by immigrants from Morocco. Its name is taken from one of the 12 stones in the Hoshen, the sacred breastplate worn by a Jewish high priest, mentioned in Exodus 28:18.[2] Nearby Shoham, Bareqet and Ahlama (the former name of Beit Arif) were also named after one of the stones.


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