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The word Noga may be used to describe:

  • A name
    • Given name of Jewish females or rarely males, meaning brightness, glow (Hebrew: נֹגַהּ), precisely transliterated Nogah)
    • Surname of Slavic nations and Polynesian nations
  • A Slavic word (e.g. Russian: нога) meaning leg (especially the lower part, including the foot)
  • A Nadsat word used to refer to the central character's feet or legs in the book A Clockwork Orange
  • A Hebrew word (נוגה)
    • The Hebrew name for the planet Venus
    • A Hebrew word meaning "very bright light"
  • Noga, Israel, a moshav in the Lakhish Regional Council in Israel
  • SS Noga, an ocean liner
  • Lady Noga, a character of the popular webcomic Sluggy Freelance
  • Al Noga, former player for the Minnesota Vikings
  • Niko "Falaniko" Noga, former player for the St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)
  • Pete Noga, former player for the St. Louis Cardinals (NFL)
  • The Noga Group, a staple of New York's downtown music scene for nearly twenty years
  • Noga SA, swiss firm (leading by Nessim Gaon), known for its trials with russian authorities.