Nokia 6210

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Nokia 6210
Nokia 6210.jpg
Manufacturer Nokia
Form factor Candybar
Dimensions 130x47x19mm[1]
Weight 114g
Display 95 x 65 pixels, Monochrome LCD

The Nokia 6210 is a mobile phone made by Nokia. It has been available since 2000. In addition to calling and SMS messaging, the phone has many other features, such as an alarm clock, a HSCSD modem, a web client, 3 games (Snake 2, Space Impact and Bumper), a calculator, a 'to-do' list application, a calendar, infra-red connectivity, a voice recorder and a stopwatch.

Popular culture[edit]

Speaking in 2014, the human-rights activist and former punk rock star Bob Geldof said that he still uses a Nokia 6210 14 years after its release and due to its robust nature referred to it as “The AK-47 of mobile phones.”[2]

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