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Demonstrating Nokia City Lens on a Nokia Lumia 920 through a PureView camera

Nokia City Lens, is an augmented reality (AR) software that gives dynamic information, through the phone’s camera display, about users' surroundings[1] such as shops, restaurants, and points of interest, shown as virtual signs overlaid on or above buildings. A commercial Beta version was release in 2013.[2]

It also has free of charge turn-by-turn voice guided navigation, Nokia Drive 3.0, which can also be used without internet connection using preloaded maps.[3] It's also possible to de-clutter the surroundings: version 1.5 has a "Sightline" feature where the user can narrow her view to just what’s in her direct line of sight, making it easier to spot interesting places.

Nokia City Lens is powered by Microsoft Bing Maps, and Nokia introduced Nokia Prime Place for listing in Nokia City Lens.[4] The newest release has 3D icons and the ability to disable places which aren't within the camera's line of sight.[5]

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