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MixRadio Logo.jpg
Developer(s) Line Corporation (2015-present)
Microsoft Mobile (2014-2015)
Nokia (2007-2014)
Development status Active
Operating system Android
Windows Phone
Adidas miCoach Smart Run
Harman Kardon
Website www.mixradiomusic.com

MixRadio, formerly Nokia MixRadio, Nokia Music, Nokia Music Store and OVI Music Store, is a global music streaming service. MixRadio allows free streaming of playlists without any subscriptions or ads and is available in 31 countries, including the US, Brazil, India and China. It has a catalogue of over 30 million songs.[1] The music file format used by the store is MP3 without any DRM protection.

The service was originally developed by Nokia in 2007, and was part of the company's sale of its mobile device business to Microsoft in April 2014. Microsoft, already having Xbox Music, decided to spin-off the service, with Line Corporation purchasing the service in December 2014.[2] MixRadio was officially released to the Android and iOS app stores on May 19, 2015.[3]



The service was originally launched in 2007 when Nokia set up their Nokia Comes With Music service, in partnership with Universal Music Group International, Sony BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, and hundreds of independent labels and music aggregators, to allow 12, 18, or 24 months of unlimited free-of-charge music downloads with the purchase of a Nokia Comes With Music edition phone. Files could be downloaded on mobile devices or personal computers, and kept permanently.[4]

On 29 August 2007 Nokia launched the Ovi Music Store as part of the Ovi[5][6] services portal from Nokia.[7] The original idea behind the store was to provide to all Nokia MP3 capable mobile users a music store on the phone as on the PC. The Ovi Music Store officially opened in the UK on 1 October 2007 with offering of music from SonyBMG, Universal Music, EMI and Warner Music Group, as well as others.[8] This service had its own software to serve as front gate of the store on the PC and on the phones. It was called Nokia Ovi Player, and later Nokia Music Player.

In October 2008, Nokia announced the Nokia 5800, a direct competitor to the iPhone and with it the service Comes With Music,[9] which consists of a year of free music downloads included in the price of the phone. This service was optional to the carriers.

Within the box of the phone there was a card with an ID that will be linked to the PC (MAC address) and mobile phone (IMEI), so that PC and mobile phone have unlimited music downloads for over a year.[4]

Until 2010 the service had DRM files that cannot be burned onto CDs but only played from the phone. In case the user wanted to burn the song, they had to buy it from the store. During the latter part of 2010 and into 2011, Nokia Music continued developing its app client for the MeeGo platform along with its existing Symbian platform.[10]

In January 2011 Nokia withdrew this program in 27 countries, due to its failure to gain traction; existing subscribers could continue to download until their contracts ended. The service continued to be offered until 2014 in China, India, Indonesia, Brazil, Turkey and South Africa where take-up was better.[11]

Nokia Music launched for the first time on the Windows Phone platform with the Lumia 710 and Lumia 800 on October 26, 2011 in London.[10]


With the launch of Windows Phone 8 in late 2012, Nokia Music came to the platform with an app optimised for the new operating system from Microsoft. During the following months, Nokia Music was also released to the Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT app stores.

Nokia Music launched in the U.S. market on September 15, 2012 with a performance at Irving Plaza by Green Day. Fans were treated to a special performance from the band, along with heavy social media involvement by AT&T, Nokia, the band themselves and Warner Bros.[12]

On the 20 November 2013 Nokia renamed the service to "Nokia MixRadio". This change also made its way to the Windows 8 and Windows RT app stores[13] The following day, Nokia MixRadio made its official global launch with a special event in New York City where musical artist Nile Rodgers played[14]


Nokia MixRadio began the year with the launch of the MixRadio app for the Nokia Asha and Nokia X platforms at MWC in February 2014.[15]

The service was again renamed to only "MixRadio" in 1 July 2014, to reflect the change of ownership from Nokia to Microsoft. On September 11, 2014, the MixRadio application was announced for the Sonos range of wireless speakers with a companion app[16] MixRadio further extended their reach on the 27 November 2014, with the application being added to the adidas miCoach Smart Run touchscreen watch.[17]

On 18 December 2014, after mulling a spin-off of the service, Microsoft announced that it would sell MixRadio to Line Corporation, a subsidiary of Naver Corporation, for an undisclosed amount.[2] MixRadio started the new year with the announcement on 5 January 2015 of the MixRadio coming to the Harman Kardon Omni line of wireless speakers, continuing their exclusive partnership with audio technology partners.[18]

In March 2015, the transaction was completed and MixRadio Ltd was formed, as a subsidiary of Line. At this time, beta versions of the app were released for Android and iOS.[19] A campaign with the United Nations to mark the International Day of Happiness, with the hashtag #HappySoundsLike was also started, launching an international and inspirational playlist.[20]

On May 19, 2015 MixRadio celebrated the launch of the commercial iOS and Android apps with simultaneous launch events in New York City and Singapore. The musical artists Nile Rodgers and Charli XCX both played at the event in New York City.[21] MixRadio also announced their partnership with HTC at this event to integrate MixRadio into the BlinkFeed software of HTC smartphones.[21]

Unlimited downloads[edit]

In India, MixRadio was available for all Nokia Asha, Lumia and Nokia X phones. Users could download songs from MixRadio for free for the first three months after purchase of a Nokia Asha, Lumia or X-series phone, following which the subscription could be renewed for a fixed time period through the purchase of a voucher either online via the Oxicash website or offline through Nokia Care outlets. For Nokia Asha phones, subscription could also be renewed via carrier billing, with the supported carriers being Airtel, Vodafone and Idea. However, the vouchers were no longer issued from May 2014 and in November 2014, Microsoft announced that unlimited downloads from MixRadio will no longer be supported.[22]


MixRadio is available in 31 countries: Australia, Austria, Brazil, Canada, China, Finland, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, the United Arab Emirates , the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Vietnam.

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