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The Nongshim Cup is a Go tournament sponsored by Nongshim, an instant noodle food company of South Korea.


The Nongshim Cup is a gathering of the best players from South Korea, Japan, and China. The Nongshim Cup is sponsored by Nongshim, an instant noodle food company of South Korea.[1] Each team sends 5 best players to compete. The prize in 2015 was 200 million Korean Won (about $180,000 USD), and in 2016 it will be raised to 500 million Korean Won (approximately $450,000 USD).[2]

Past winners[edit]

Edition Year Winner Runner-Up Third Place
1st 1999—2000  South Korea 6W-4L  China 4W-5L  Japan 4W-5L
2nd 2000—2001  South Korea 7W-4L  Japan 4W-5L  China 3W-5L
3rd 2001—2002  South Korea 6W-4L  China 7W-5L  Japan 1W-5L
4th 2002—2003  South Korea 6W-4L  China 6W-5L  Japan 2W-5L
5th 2003—2004  South Korea 5W-4L  Japan 6W-5L  China 3W-5L
6th 2004—2005  South Korea 6W-4L  China 4W-5L  Japan 4W-5L
7th 2005—2006  Japan 6W-4L  South Korea 5W-5L  China 3W-5L
8th 2006—2007  South Korea 6W-4L  China 6W-5L  Japan 2W-5L
9th 2007—2008  China 7W-3L  South Korea 4W-5L  Japan 2W-5L
10th 2008—2009  South Korea 7W-3L  China 5W-5L  Japan 1W-5L
11th 2009—2010  South Korea 6W-4L  China 6W-5L  Japan 2W-5L
12th 2010—2011  South Korea 7W-3L  China 4W-5L  Japan 2W-5L
13th 2011—2012  China 8W-4L  South Korea 6W-5L  Japan 0W-5L
14th 2012—2013  South Korea 6W-4L  China 7W-5L  Japan 1W-5L
15th 2013—2014  China 8W-4L  South Korea 5W-5L  Japan 1W-5L
16th 2014—2015  China 6W-3L  South Korea 4W-5L  Japan 3W-5L


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