Noord (river)

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Near Alblasserdam
Country Netherlands
Province South Holland
Source Beneden Merwede
 - location Dordrecht
Mouth Nieuwe Maas
 - location Ridderkerk
Length 9 km (6 mi)
Location of Noord in dark blue.

The Noord ("North") is a short tidal river in the western Netherlands. It starts at the city of Dordrecht where the Beneden Merwede river forks into the Oude Maas and the Noord. It joins the Lek at the city of Ridderkerk and Kinderdijk, and the combined stream is thereafter known as the Nieuwe Maas. The distance is about 9 km. The direction of its water flow dependents on the tides.

The Noord River separates IJsselmonde island from Alblasserwaard mainland to the east. There are two connections between them:

  • Bridge over the Noord (motor vehicles, cyclists)
  • Noord Tunnel (motor vehicles)


During the early Middle Ages the river was considered to be the continuation of the Merwede river (itself a distributary branch of the Rhine) and was named accordingly. However, during the 13th century a series of floods altered the flow of the river Meuse, resulting in the Noord being fed by the Meuse as well. However, in the 19th century the rivers Meuse and Rhine were completely separated, in order to control the flow of both rivers and reduce the risk of flooding. This restored the ancient situation: the Noord is now only fed by the river Waal through the Merwede.

Overview of the Rhine-Meuse Delta, showing Noord River (k) and IJsselmonde island (9).

Coordinates: 51°51′04″N 4°39′28″E / 51.85111°N 4.65778°E / 51.85111; 4.65778