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Noorderhaaks on the left of the picture

Noorderhaaks, also called Razende bol (Raging ball in Dutch), is a Dutch sandbar in the North Sea, a few kilometres west of the Marsdiep which separates the island of Texel from mainland Netherlands. The sandbar covers an area of around five km², although the exact area varies due to tide and the dynamic nature of the area.

Being relatively untouched by man, the sandbar has become a valuable location due to its presence of several kinds of seabirds, and seals.

The sandbar is slowly moving eastward towards the Marsdiep and the Molengat, at a pace of around 100 metres a year.

The sandbar is visited by day trippers, and is also being used as a training ground for the Dutch navy and air force.

Coordinates: 52°58′30″N 4°40′50″E / 52.97500°N 4.68056°E / 52.97500; 4.68056