Noored kotkad

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Noored kotkad
English: Young Eagles
Directed by Theodor Luts
Written by Oskar Luts
Theodor Luts
Starring Arnold Vaino
Amalie-Luise Konsa
Ruut Tarmo
Vambola Kurg
Elli Põder-Roht
Osvald Lipp
Release dates
1927, 2008
Running time
87 min
Country Estonia
Language Silent, Estonian intertitles

Noored kotkad (released in 1927) in an Estonian war and adventure silent film about Estonian War of Independence, fought in 1918-1920.

Film was filmed in 1927 in Tartu, Tartu County, Mustvee and Värska. The film was digitally restored in 2008 by Taska Productions and Digital Film Finland.

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