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Nora-Isabelle Balling
Picture of a replica of the "Nora" necklace, which Balling gave to Thomas Anders after their marriage in 1985.
Born (1964-07-31) July 31, 1964 (age 50)
Koblenz, Germany
Nationality German
Other names Nora Anders
Years active 1981–1999
Known for Fashion model
Wife of Thomas Anders
Spouse(s) Thomas Anders (1984–1999)

Nora-Isabelle Balling,[1] also known as Nora Anders (born July 31, 1964, Koblenz, Germany) is a German fashion model, and was the first wife of the singer and former Modern Talking member, Thomas Anders, between 1985 and 1999.

It is often said that Balling provoked Modern Talking's split in 1987.[2]


After Balling graduated from high school, she continued her education in a Bonn cosmetology school, and got qualification in cosmetics and visage in a year.[1] Balling also worked as a model in advertisements for jewelry, rings, chains and perfumes.[1]

Balling was formerly the bride of one of Thomas Anders's friends, named Stefan. Despite being young, she inherited a large quantity of money from her uncle. Anders started his music career in 1980, and published songs such as Du weinst um ihn. Balling engaged in a relationship with Anders, and appeared in the music video of Heißkalter Engel, in 1983.

In August 1984, Anders asked for marriage to Balling, but her mother died soon after that, on November 5. The couple suffered a road accident on November 12, but they were not injured.

In September 1984, Dieter Bohlen and Thomas Anders founded Modern Talking, which produced many successful songs like You're My Heart, You're My Soul and Brother Louie.

Balling married Anders in a registry office, on December 28, 1984.[3] They had a public wedding ceremony on July 27, 1985 in the Catholic Church Herz-Jesu-Kirche, in Koblenz.[1] Nora Balling gave Anders the well-known Nora necklace,[1] with which Anders appeared on most of his Modern Talking videos. Balling became Anders' personal manager, visagiste and image maker.[1]

By the end of 1987, Modern Talking broke up, due to several discrepancies between Dieter Bohlen and Balling.[4] Balling explained in an interview with La Segunda, that "the split didn't occur because of the fights between themselves. What happens is that their personalities are different. Dieter likes to visit night clubs. We, on the contrary, are very calm."[5] Balling then worked with Anders on his music project Man-X as music producer and songwriter.[1]

After releasing a couple of solo albums, Anders retired from his music career temporarily and went with Balling to live in Los Angeles, California, in Clark Gable's former house. However, they decided to return to Germany some time later.

Balling divorced Anders in February 1999.[6]

"Nora" necklace[edit]

Modern Talking was the subject of parodies because of the "Nora" necklace that Balling gave to Thomas Anders after their marriage. The necklace was very large, and was frequently parodied.

Despite the parodies and practical jokes they faced, Anders told Chilean newspaper La Segunda in 1989 that "[he] would never be going to take it out. It is my amulet."[5]


  • Man-X – Waiting So Long (1987)
  • Man-X – I Believe (1988)


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