Norbert Huber

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Norbert Huber
Medal record
Men's Luge
Competitor for  Italy
Olympic Games
Silver 1994 Lillehammer Men's doubles
Bronze 1992 Albertville Men's doubles
World Championships
Gold 1989 Winterberg Mixed team
Gold 1990 Calgary Men's doubles
Silver 1983 Lake Placid Men's doubles
Silver 1989 Winterberg Men's doubles
Silver 1990 Calgary Mixed team
Silver 1993 Calgary Men's doubles
Bronze 1991 Winterberg Men's doubles
Bronze 1991 Winterberg Mixed team
Bronze 1993 Calgary Mixed team
Bronze 1999 Königssee Men's singles
World Cup Championships
Gold 1984-85 Men's singles
Gold 1984-85 Men's doubles
Gold 1985-86 Men's singles
Gold 1985-86 Men's doubles
Gold 1986-87 Men's singles
Gold 1988-89 Men's doubles
Gold 1989-90 Men's doubles
Gold 1990-91 Men's doubles
Gold 1991-92 Men's doubles
Gold 1992-93 Men's doubles
Silver 1983-84 Men's singles
Silver 1997-98 Men's singles
Bronze 1983-84 Men's singles
Bronze 1986-87 Men's singles
Bronze 1987-88 Men's singles
European Championships
Gold 1992 Winterberg Men's doubles
Gold 1994 Königssee Men's doubles
Gold 1994 Königssee Mixed team
Silver 1984 Olang Men's singles
Silver 1988 Königssee Men's doubles
Silver 1990 Igls Men's doubles
Silver 1992 Winterberg Men's singles
Bronze 1984 Olang Men's doubles
Bronze 1986 Hammarstrand Men's doubles
Bronze 1988 Königssee Mixed team
Bronze 1998 Oberhof Men's singles

Norbert Huber (born 3 September 1964) is an Italian luger who competed from the early 1980s to the late 1990s.

Huber was born in Bruneck, South Tyrol. Competing in four Winter Olympics, he won two medals in the men's doubles event with a silver in 1994 and a bronze in 1992.

Huber also won ten medals at the FIL World Luge Championships in with two gold (Mixed team: 1989, Men's doubles: 1990), four silvers (Men's doubles: 1983, 1989, 1993; Mixed team: 1990), and four bronzes (Men's singles: 1999, Men's doubles: 1991, Mixed team: 1991, 1993).

He also won eleven medals in the FIL European Luge Championships with three gold (Men's doubles: 1992, 1994; Mixed team: 1994), four silvers (Men's singles: 1984, 1992; Men's doubles: 1988, 1990), and four bronzes (Men's singles: 1998, Men's doubles: 1984, 1986; Mixed team: 1988).[1]

Huber also won 26 World Cup races and ten overall Luge World Cup titles (men's singles: 1984-5, 1985-6, 1986-7; men's doubles: 1984-5, 1985-6, 1988-9, 1989–90, 1990-1, 1991-2, 1992-3).


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