Norbert Kückelmann

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Norbert Kückelmann
Born (1930-05-01) 1 May 1930 (age 84)
Munich, Germany
Occupation Film director
Years active 1960 - 2002

Norbert Kückelmann, (born May 1, 1930) is a German film director, screenwriter and lawyer. He was born in Munich, During the 1950s he studied law and worked part-time as a film critic. After graduation he worked as a lawyer in Munich and Mainz. In 1965 he founded together with Alexander Kluge and Hans-Rolf Strobel the Young German Film Committee (German: Kuratorium Junger Deutscher Film. Continuing to work as a lawyer he directed his first film Die Sachverständigen in 1973. At the 23rd Berlin International Film Festival the film won a Silver Bear.[1] His first film also won the Deutscher Filmpreis - Best Feature Film. At the 34th Berlin International Film Festival, his film Man Under Suspicion also won a Silver Bear.[2] Two years later, he was a member of the jury at the 36th Berlin International Film Festival.[3]

Norbert Kückelmann is the brother of the actress Gertrud Kückelmann.


  • Die Sachverständigen (1973)
  • Die Angst ist ein zweiter Schatten (1974)
  • Die letzten Jahre der Kindheit (1979)
  • Man Under Suspicion (1984)
  • Schweinegeld (1989)
  • Abgetrieben (1992)
  • Alle haben geschwiegen (1996)
  • Porträt eines Richters (1997)
  • Verlorene Kinder (2000)
  • Ich hab es nicht gewollt - Anatomie eines Mordfalls (2002)


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