Norbert Kraft (Medical Doctor)

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Not to be confused with Norbert Kraft (musician).
Norbert Kraft
Residence USA
Citizenship USA
Alma mater University of Vienna

Norbert Kraft is an American Medical Doctor with over 17 years of experience in aviation and aerospace research and development as of 2012.[1]

His primary area of expertise is developing physiological and psychological countermeasures to combat the negative effects of long-duration spaceflight.[1]

He has worked for the Russian Space Agency, the Japanese Space Agency and NASA.[1]


He was commander of an international mixed gender crew during a 110 day isolation chamber project and a spaceflight simulation experiment in Moscow, Russia.[1]

Since 2002, Dr. Kraft’s research at NASA has concentrated on:[1]

  • developing new approaches to enhance team performance during exploration missions
  • enabling distributed crews to respond to unanticipated problems
  • enabling distributed crews to collaborate effectively despite the stress of with space missions


  • Dr. Kraft is an author of over forty papers in the field of aerospace medicine, including a seminal paper on intercultural crew issues in long-duration spaceflight[1]
  • Types Of Relationships Formed By A Mixed Gender, Multinational Crew While In Isolation, Norbert Kraft, Heidi Binder, Terry Lyons, Raye Kass, date unknown[2]
  • The Uncharted Territories of Mars: Is Science Enough?, Norbert Kraft and Raye Kass, Huffington Post, 2012-07-03[3]


  • 2010 - Outstanding Accomplishments in the Psychological and Psychiatric Aspects of Aerospace Medicine[1]

Qualifications and affiliations[edit]


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